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Catch The Cross!

Swimmers disregard the cold water of river Drim trying to catch the cross thrown in by the priest. This tradition symbolizes St. John's baptizing of Jesus in ri...
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Swimmers disregard the cold water of river Drim trying to catch the cross thrown in by the priest. This tradition symbolizes St. John's baptizing of Jesus in river Jordan. In Macedonia, the festivity is called "Vodici". See more here: http:--travel2macedonia.com.mk-event-bogojavlenie-vodici
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Parallel November 01, 2015
My congratulations!
onyanita PRO+
onyanita November 01, 2015
terrific capture...congrats on the Finalist Award
BiseraI November 07, 2015
Incredible photography! Congratulations!
MiroslavKral May 02, 2018
Congratulations ... well deserved Award.
LookSee PRO+
LookSee May 02, 2018
Thanky... :)
AnneliseJoy May 03, 2019
Thank you for entering my Communities Coming Together challenge. This was one of my favourites. Great photo!
LookSee PRO+
LookSee May 03, 2019
My pleasure entirely! Thanks.
MiyoJergen Platinum
MiyoJergen May 22, 2020
Amazing capture of the moment photography
LookSee PRO+
LookSee May 22, 2020
Thank you!
marysorberdye Ultimate
marysorberdye April 17, 2022
Awesome shot and why were you not in the water? giggles and loving your gallery!~
LookSee PRO+
LookSee April 18, 2022
Thanks! :)
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Behind The Lens

Photo was taken in Struga (Macedonia)
January 19th, at 11:27 AM
The cloudy sky supplied all the light. No other light source was needed.
The camera used was Olympus TG-2 (as this is an occasion where there is a lot of water drops in the air).
I was watching for the first time an Orthodox ceremony of catching the cross thrown into the river by high priest, and was impressed by the sheer number of people, both those which competed, and also those watching the proceedings. It is an old tradition, formed around the belief that the first person who manages to find the cross uderwater will be lucky and prosperous for the whole of the current year! However, considering the date of the ceremony, the air and water temperatures, and all the inherent health risks and dangers of diving in the rush of other competitors, it seemed to me that all who compete deserved to be lucky and prosperous. Ye believers... believe me, it was freezing just to stand there and watch!
There was very little to do about this photo. A little cropping was required to concentrate the essence of the action within the frame, and I usually re-sharpen an image after resizing the copy for upload. Nothing else seemed to need any special intervention.
In my camera bag
I prefer the use of a photo jacket instead of any bag. Usually I'll carry two cameras, spare batteries for both, also maybe some CPL and ND filters. There will also be a lightweight photo clamp, essentially replacing the tripod. I will almost always have a length of string, a lighter, and a pocket knife along, and this I'll use if I have to improvise something, depending upon the moment and intentions. This makes it possible for me to "travel light and go far". In some cases I prefer the use of tripod, of course, and the same goes for a remote (slave-controlled) flash unit if I plan the shoot that requires it. If I decide to experiment with light sources, then maybe I'll have along and use a gas lantern, a hand-held flare, or simple multi-diode LED flashlight.
This is the kind of photography that happens mid-crowd, which I can;t say that I like very much. However, many people jumping into the water and splashing around, combined with even more, pressing to see what is going on, and all that happening very close to the water edge... all that can organize you an unplanned quick bath. Aside the fact that the water is very cold, maybe 8-9C, your camera is likely to get anywhere from sprinkled to inundated. So it is good planning to use some watertight camera - not only weather resistant (which can perhaps stand some rain or spray) but properly watertight, of the kind that can withstand water under certain pressure. Keep your car near, a set of dry clothes within, and hope for the best! Which is to remain ashore, safe and sound. If you must use the equipment that hates water, then better find yourself some elevated spot in the background so you can shoot over the heads of the crowd. In both cases - enjoy! :)

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