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Viewbug hosts the world's best photo contests sponsored by top brands, bringing you the best manipulations photography from some of the most prominent professional and amateur photographers. Manipulations pictures illustrate the creativity and skills that ViewBug photographers portray. Discover the awesomeness in ViewBug by uploading manipulations and submit your photo to one of our 20 new photo contests each month and maybe one of our judges will pick it as the next winner.

On a busy morning men and women are going to work in their black suits, with big clocks implanted on their necks. 
A little dog is wandering around,  by RobertoAgagliate
beauty headshot by nickcooper
Untitled by nsyyoung
Godox AD360 in 120cm softbox to camera left. Godox speedlight in 60cm gridded softbox behind model to camera right. by andrewkatsaitis
Soon by Meike_I
from my shoot yesterday this wonderful result

MUA unicorn fx stephi maneki neko by vividvisions
model: April

A beautiful, patrician woman in low key styled portrait

All rights reserved: Spoken in Red- Jennifer Rhoades Photography
You may not al by SpokeninRed
The gang driving towards a new adventure. by odedios
Sparked Up by MatthewKeeley
YEAR by Oroyplata
Casa da música  by AntonioBernardino
There are so many sides to all of us. When I see a self portrait I usually only see one side to that person, so I thought I would be a bit silly and d by laurencoakley
holiday by hugogmezo
Imagicnation by Jackie_Kancir
Stormtrooping by s1v4rt_pro
If someone were to ask me what my favorite part about shooting HS seniors is, I may have to say the expression of sports. I love the artistic freedom that comes with it and, well...who doesn't love artistic freedom right?  by LiveInspiredByBrenda
Taken at Old Car City junkyard by psguru
in the water... by kalfraphotography
Liz  by HollowOak
Internal Conflict by aitordelarco
View of the Gardens at Chatsworth House, in the High Peaks, United Kingdom by Ian_B
Strom Brewing by kspindley
street colors by WiMPhotos
London Bridge LE-009 by farigiovanni
On the wake of the immigration turmoil, Charlie and I gave  the American dream and tried to make our way beyond the wall. Only to learn that Mexicans  by pedrontheworld
Photoshop work - - - - by Fotostyle-Schindler by JessicaDrossin
Blending of two images.   by Alfredo_Jose
Heaven And Earth by pedroquintela
Fairytale photoshoot out in the local sunflower fields and woods. Fireflies added in post. by johnallenpictures
sailing in a sail boat is fun. blue sky above . sea gulls in flight by tmlakshmi
Early morning shot of a 1-24 scale model supercar, taken on the walls of Balvaird Castle by f68photography

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