Meet The Judges

VIEWBUG gives you the opportunity to have your photos seen by the best in the industry, we are committed to bringing you world-class juries. Some of the contest winners are selected by the following distinguished individuals:

Cheryl Opperman

Cheryl Opperman is a nationally acclaimed nature photographer with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Brooks Institute of Photography and over 25 years of professional experience photographing nature, wildlife, and indigenous cultures worldwide.

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Lisa A. Langell

Lisa Langell is a full-time, award-winning photographer whose work has appeared in numerous prestigious publications, galleries and more. She currently sits on the Board of Directors for the North American Nature Photography Association and is a Tamron Pro Ambassador.

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Roberto Valenzuela

Roberto Valenzuela is a photographer based in Beverly Hills, CA. He has been honored by Canon USA to be one of the few chosen photographers to be part of their prestigious Canon Explorer of Light program. Roberto serves as a chair and judge for some of the largest photographic print competitions in Europe, Mexico, South America, and the most celebrated International photography competitions held in the United States through the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) in Las Vegas, NV. His first book Picture Perfect Practice is currently the #1 best seller in Amazon for the wedding photography book category.

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Laura Tillinghast

Born and raised on the West Coast, Laura Tillinghast began making art at a young age.
She explored many mediums until finally discovering photography when she was 17
years old. From that point on, she knew she had found the tool she was looking for to
bring her imagination to life. Shooting primarily advertising and editorial content, you
never know what you will find in front of her lens. Whether it’s a gorgeous model, a bowl
of oatmeal or a rock band, she shoots with the same goal in mind; make it beautiful.

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Miss Aniela

Miss Aniela (Natalie Dybisz) resides in UK. ‘Aniela’ is the middle name of Natalie Dybisz, one half of Miss Aniela Ltd, together with her producer partner Matt Lennard. Originating as a self-portrait artist in 2006, Miss Aniela’s work has been exhibited internationally for Vogue Italia, Saatchi Gallery London and Affordable Art Fair, and featured in NY Arts, El Pais, ALARM Chicago and BBC. She is also the author of two photography books and hosts the ’Fashion Shoot Experience’ worldwide. Her ‘Surreal Fashion’ collection mixes, shot in the most surreal and beautiful locations in the world.

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Trey Ratcliff

Trey Ratcliff is a world-famous Photographer, Artist, Writer and Adventurer. Trey’s images and stories capture the beauty of exotic travel destinations and the humor of the bizarre situations he often finds himself in. There is always something new, unexpected and beautiful to see.

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Colby Brown

Colby Brown is a photographer, photo educator and author based out of Boulder, Colorado. Specializing in landscape, travel and humanitarian photography, his photographic portfolio spans the four corners of the globe. Throughout his work, one can see that he combines his love of the natural world with his fascination of the world’s diverse cultures. Each of his photographs tells a story of life on this planet.

Maxis Gamez

Maxis Gamex is a self-taught professional nature photographer living in Sarasota, Florida. He began photography as a hobby, but has decided to devote his passion, time, and energy to help his craft full-time. His images have been featured in local parks, galleries, published in magazines like Audubon, Shutterbug, Outdoor Photography Magazine, Nature Photographers Magazine, and now published by National Geographic in Bird Coloration and Birds of North America Pocket Guide.

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Ken Kaminesky

Ken Kaminesky is a veteran commercial travel photographer, Fujifilm Global Ambassador, Zeiss lens Ambassador, writer, consultant, and entrepreneur with decades of experience in the photography industry. His work has been featured worldwide in numerous commercial and editorial publications, including the New York Times and on the cover of National Geographic. His passion for travel and the incredible landscapes and people he encounters along the way are the inspiration for his popular blog, and the other publications he writes for.

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Alan Shapiro

I grew up on the creative side of the advertising world, working with clients around the world; telling their unique stories in very unique ways. Along the way, I’ve had the pleasure of working with many, many talented photographers, directors and imagemakers. I became envious of their art and craft. At first, I saw it as a means of reducing my stress-filled life.

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Lisa Bettany

Lisa Bettany is one of the most influential photographers on the web. Her vibrant, eye-catching landscape and travel photos have been viewed millions of times in magazines, online publications & TV broadcasts. A former competitive figure skater, with an inspiring “never say never” personality, Lisa has motivated millions to creatively capture the moments of their lives by taking great photos. Lisa was included in Huffington Post’s Top 30 Most Influential Photographers on the Web, FastCompany’s Most Creative People in Business, and Business Insider’s Most Influential People in App Development for her co-founding role in the best-selling iPhone app, Camera+.

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Joel Tjintjelaar

Joel Tjintjelaar is a professional photographer, educator and author, specializing in black and white, fine art, architectural and long exposure photography and beyond. Recurring theme in his professional life is that Joel always challenges the status quo in photography by offering substantiated alternatives. From rules for good black and white photography and the interpretation of fine art photographs to challenging current methods of post processing techniques and composition. He believes that only such an attitude can result, but will never guarantee, the creation of meaningful work. Joel’s work is represented by galleries in the USA and has been awarded multiple times

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Brian Matiash

My name is Brian and I am a professional photographer and published author based in Portland, OR. I specialize in landscape & travel photography and have spent the better part of a decade educating and inspiring photographers all around the world with my tutorials, videos, and stories. I am a member of Sony’s Artisans of Imagery program and am the Social & Content Strategist for their Digital Imaging team.

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Ken Sklute

Ken Sklute has been honored as one of Canon’s Explorers of Light, a designation shared by only 42 top photographers worldwide. Ken has enjoyed a diverse career photographing people, professional sports, architecture, weddings and landscapes. Ken spends much of his time photographing, teaching and lecturing both Nationally and Internationally.

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Nino Rakichevich

Nino Rakichevich is an advertising and fine art photographer based in Malibu, California. He has won over 40 national and international photography awards, and is a proud member of the elite artist organization ULUPUDS in his native country of Serbia. In addition to being a full time photographer, Nino has spent nearly 15 years teaching fashion photography and celebrity portraiture at the prestigious Brooks Institute of Photography. In 2014, he achieved further recognition when Sony selected him to be a member of the Sony Artisans of Imagery.

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Joel Grimes

For me art is an extension of life. I believe my passion to create is built into my very DNA. Art is not simply defined by the finished product, but by the process one pours into the very act of creating. Over the years, I have sought to be an ambassador for the photographic process, by teaching workshops and offering video tutorials. I feel that by being an open book with my process, I have an opportunity to inspire others to follow their dreams and passions to create.

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Luke Tscharke

Luke Tscharke is a passionate landscape and nature photographer based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. His work has been recognized in many photography competitions, where he has recently won 2015 Monochrome Photographer of the Year, 2015 International Landscape Photograph of the Year. He is also a regular contributor to Australian Geographic Magazine, where two of his images have been used for magazine covers.

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Scott Kelby

Scott is the President and CEO of KelbyOne, is also the original Photoshop Guy, is the Cofounder and CEO of Kelby Media Group, the editor and publisher of Photoshop User Magazine and Light It Magazine, Conference Technical Chair for the Photoshop World Conference & Expo, Training Director and instructor for KelbyOne Live Seminars, and author of a string of bestselling technology books.

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Karen Hutton

Karen Hutton can best be described as a ‘multi-medialogist’. As a professional photographer, she is followed by close to 2 million followers on social media, sells her popular fine art landscape photos and teaches her unique style of photography. She excels at blending multiple disciplines, which includes being a professional voice over artist, host, speaker, writer and educator.

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Chris Burkard

Chris Burkard is a self-taught photographer and artist, based in Central Coast California. Burkards images are punctuated by energized landscapes and moments of bliss, by adventure seeking and the lifestyle that ensues, by movement and intuitive light-working capabilities. With ocean as his main muse, Burkard has consistently captured this subject in timeless and expansive photographic impressions, utilizing the tool of surfing to approach the oceans intricate personality and then extending out to include the human personalities that draw meaning from this same source.

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Benjamin Von Wong

Motivated by the desire to be creatively challenged and overcome impossibilities, Benjamin Von Wong has become notorious for his epic photography. His hyper-realistic art style captures viewers in a fusion of special effects and innovative concepts. Benjamin’s background in engineering gives him a unique edge for creative problem solving, where technical challenges become friendly competition. Fueled by his passion to connect people, Benjamin has an affinity for finding unique talent to bring his complex stories to life. He is also highly engaged in the photographic society by sharing his experiences and techniques through blogs, social media, workshops and videos.

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Frederick Van Johnson

Frederick Van Johnson is a professional photographer and founder of “This Week in Photo,” a hugely successful and revered podcast targeted at photography enthusiasts. To date over 60 thousand weekly listeners listen to the show. He also regularly speaks at workshops on topics including marketing, business, and photographic technique.

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Peter Hurley

Peter Hurley began his career modeling for Ralph Lauren, years later he decided to pick up a camera and quickly built of a powerful client list.  Thanks to his eye, his technique, and an engaging personality that makes his clients instantly comfortable, he is able to bring the best out of everyone he photographs.  That talent has been shared with over 80 photographers that have taken his workshop, “The Headshot Intensive” and over 1000 that have bought his DVD, “The Art Behind The Headshot.”  He was recently featured in the NY Times & also spoke at Google’s first photographer conference in San Francisco to over 500 attendees.

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Rick Sammon

Canon Explorer of Light and award-winning photographer Rick Sammon loves his day job. A tireless, prolific and inspirational image-maker, Rick, called by some The Godfather of Photography” is one of the most active photographers on the planet; dividing his time between creating images, leading photo workshops, and making personal appearances. Ricks enthusiasm for digital imaging is contagious. He is a man on a mission a mission to make digital photography fun, creative, exciting and rewarding for others.

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Tamara Lackey

Tamara Lackey is a portrait photographer whose work has been described as “expressive, soulful, funny, beautiful” and has appeared in a multitude of publications and national television shows, from O Magazine to Men’s Journal to Parenting Magazine. A Nikon USA Ambassador, she is also the author of four books, including Capturing Life Through (Better) Photography, winner of the Booklist Editors’ Choice Award in Media, and The Posing Playbook – for Kids Who Don’t Do Posing.  She is also the host of The reDefine Show, a mix of interviews with top-tier creative artists combined with behind-the-scenes walkthroughs of her photography. Tamara speaks at quite a range of workshops, seminars and conventions, from delivering presentations on the Google stage to delivering private workshops around the globe.

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Matt Kloskowski

Matt Kloskowski is the Vice President of Photography at onOne, inc.; and a Tampa-based photographer. He is the editor of Light It magazine and teaches for the Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom Seminar Tours.

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Nicole Young

Nicole Young specializes in food and lifestyle photography and licenses her images to Getty images. Nicole is an accredited Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) in Photoshop CS5 and is a “Help Desk Specialist” with the National Association of Photoshop Professionals.

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Michael Bonocore

Michael has been a fixture in the photography industry for over seven years. His photography journey started as a hobby, primarily learning his way around a DSLR by shooting landscapes around his home in San Francisco, California. Soon, he started accepting paid assignments, from commercial ad campaigns to weddings, but his passion for traveling with camera in hand was too great to ignore. Michael started visiting locations all over the globe, documenting not only the beautiful landscapes of the countries he visited, but also the lives of the local communities.

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Charles Needle

Charles Needle is an award-winning, Seattle, WA based fine art photographer, author, speaker and international workshop leader with a unique eye for design and artistic interpretation. His popular “Art of Nature’ creative macro workshops have attracted students nationwide. He has authored three cutting-edge instructional books, written for major photography publications and has prints in private and public collections nationwide and abroad.

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Spencer Pablo

Spencer Pablo may be one of the most oddly placed characters among the Sony Artisans of Imagery. Comfortable behind a lens for over 20 years, his images have appeared in newspapers and museums.His work spans from landscapes to travel to family portraiture, and anything from behind the camera to in front of a classroom.

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Melissa Groo

Melissa is an award-winning wildlife photographer, writer, teacher and speaker. She writes a regular column on wildlife photography for Outdoor Photographer magazine, and her photos have been published in many magazines, including Smithsonian, Audubon, and National Wildlife. Issues of conservation and ethics in photography are passions for her, but more than anything, she loves revealing the soul of her wild subjects and sharing that with others.

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David FitzSimmons

David FitzSimmons is a photographer and writer whose works have appeared in Shutterbug, Popular Photography & Imaging, and Ohio regional publications. David is currently at work on two books, Animals of Ohio’s Ponds and Vernal Pools (Kent State University Press, 2010) and Waterfalls of Ohio. His landscape images have appeared on postcards and a variety of calendars, including many by industry-leader, BrownTrout.

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Alex Koloskov

My name is Alex Koloskov. I was born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine and live in California, USA now. I grew up in Kiev, Ukraine where I later attended college and received a bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering. Needless to say, Ive never put my degree to work in its specialty. It was a time of economical collapse after the fall of the Soviet Union, where the entire country was in chaos. This was when my official education ended. Since graduating Ive never had any other formal education, all of my skills have been self-taught.

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Tony Sweet

Tony Sweet has become an in-demand speaker throughout the United States and Canada in imaging software, specializing in plugins. As a charter Nik Team member, Tony teaches and lectures throughout the United States and Canada on the creative use of plugins. Tony is an author of five books and is a Nikon Legend Behind the Lens and a GuraGear Pro.

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Justin Black

Justin is a photographer, writer, editor, curator, photo expeditions organizer, and an affiliate member of the International League of Conservation Photographers (ILCP). Through both Visionary Wild and Galen Rowell’s Mountain Light Photography (1999 – 2009) he has created inspiring and effective educational photographic experiences for thousands of passionate photographers. In late 2010, he established Visionary Wild, building on his successful leadership of the Mountain Light workshop program and applying expertise gained at ILCP to provide superlative workshops and expeditions for passionate photographers seeking to advance to the next level of creativity, quality, purpose, and meaning in their work.

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Laurie Klein

Laurie Klein is an award-winning fine art, commercial wedding and portrait photographer as well as educator. She is the author of Infrared Photography: Artistic Techniques for Brilliant Photography, Photographing the Female Form with Digital Infrared and Hand Coloring Black and White Photography. Her Images have appeared and numerous national magazines. Laurie has a MFA in photography from Ohio U and BFA from RIT. She studied with Ansel Adams.

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Tim Wallace

Photographer Tim Wallace is the driving force and creative thinking behind Ambient Life. An award winning photographer, his work is often described as both conceptual and dramatic.A critically acclaimed award winning photographer who’s work truly spans the commercial and advertising industries. Tim works internationally with many high clients across the globe such as Jaguar, Land Rover, Peugeot and Mercedes as well as shooting some of the worlds most iconic brands such as Lamborghini, Aston Martin and Ferrari.

Photo Contest

Thomas Hawk

With over 7 million followers on Google+, 700,000 on Facebook, and one of the first to join Flickr, Thomas is one of the most prolific photographers on the Social Media scene today. He posts up to 3 to 5 times a day, with a goal to publish a library of 1,000,000 photos. His images are bits and pieces of the world around him – a colorful collection of street photography mixed with interesting people and captivating moments.

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Laurie Rubin

Laurie Rubin is an international award-winning photographer, specializing in wildlife, zoo and aerial photography. She won 1st place in the Windland Smith Rice International awards with her print displayed in the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. Her passion for photography includes a career working for software companies such as Education Project Manager for Nik Software, Product Specialist for Google+ Photos, Senior Education Manager at Macphun Software, and Head of Education for ViewBug. She is one of the first Inception Masters for Trey Ratcliff’s Arcanum, and speaks at events and teaches workshops. She enjoys flying and taking aerial photos with her DJI Phantoms.

Photo Contest

Colin Smith

Colin Smith is founder of PhotoshopCAFE which has received over 30 million visitors. Colin has Authored 19 books. He has won numerous awards including 3 Guru awards. He’s been nominated for the Photoshop Hall of Fame twice. He loves art and technology and is a pioneer of HDR as well as aerial Drone Photography. Colin is a regular columnist for Photoshop User Magazine. He’s been featured in almost every major imaging magazine, and is in high demand as a speaker at major industry events including WPPI, Adobe MAX, Photoshop World, Imaging USA, PPE, Siggraph, CES, PMA and NAB. He consults such companies as ABC Disney, Apple and Adobe.

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Tim Tadder

Tim Tadder is an internationally acclaimed photographic artist. In 2015 Epson, the world leader in photographic printing technology recognized Tadder as one of the top influential photographers, producing a TV commercial and worldwide ad campaign featuring Tadder and his work. Most recognized for his highly inventive conceptual advertising photography Tadder has been ranked in the top 200 photographers worldwide by the prestigious Luezer Archive Magazine 8 years running.

Photo Contest

Barry Blanchard

Barry Blanchard lost his hearing in 2011 and took up photography as a hobby. He discovered that when one loses a sense, another picks up the slack. Since then, he has been followed by millions on Social Media because of his beautiful and emotionally charged images. He has a fondness for photographing flowers, landscapes and wildlife. Several years ago, he was one of the first people to get involved with DJI and drone aerial photography and has inspired thousands of photographers and many big businesses to get into it was well. Besides his successful business in Santa Cruz, he is also working with DJI to help test and support the newest drone products coming up into the market place.

Photo Contest

Dixie Dixon

Dixie Dixon is a Texas born and bred commercial fashion and lifestyle photographer. Just a few years out of college, this 20-something’s career is unfolding one adventure after another shooting worldwide for various brands, tv shows, and editorial clients. It has been said that her idealistic view of the world is reflected into every single frame- full of life, beautiful energy, and most of all- SOUL.

Her fresh vision has attracted clients such as Nikon, Florsheim Shoes, Get Out TV, ProFoods, Inside Edition, Rangefinder, HDNET, PDN’s PIX Magazine, American Heart Association, Nikon World Magazine, Professional Photographers Magazine, and many more.

Julia Kuzmenko

Julia Kuzmenko is professional photographer, digital artist and retoucher temporarily based in Omaha. I have been working with various modeling agencies, recording studios, musicians, web designers and marketing firms in Australia and Russia since 2006. She has  photographed around the world including Moscow, Melbourne, Sydney and Los Angeles.


Jake Olson

Jake is an award-winning, internationally published photographer and graphic artist from Blair, Nebraska. His belief that everything in the world is beautiful as long as we take the time to look at it allows him to take normal, everyday subjects and transform them into enchanting images focused on breathtaking light and color.

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Forrest Mankins

My name is Forrest Mankins. I’m an outdoor lifestyle + adventure photographer and film producer based in Portland, Oregon. My latest project, forthcoming documentary “A Life Alive” lead me on a 6 month, 20,000+ mile road trip from my roots in the midwestern U.S. to the arctic circle in Alaska and back. My passion lies in the joy of the journey, and my photography comes from the desire to tell the stories that happen along the way.

Photo Contest

Erin Babnik

Erin Babnik is a full-time adventure landscape photographer, educator, writer, and speaker. She is known for her ambitious images and for her thought-provoking writing. Her dedication to outdoor photography evolved out of a decade of working as an art historian, photographing at archaeological sites for the purposes of teaching and research. After a period of doing travel photography on assignment, she transitioned to her specialty of wilderness landscapes and to teaching workshops worldwide. Her work has appeared in well over a hundred publications, including books, magazines, and travel guides. Erin is also a member of the illustrious nature photography team Photo Cascadia.

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Robin Griggs Wood

Along with expressing these sensibilities through her photography, she has worked in natural media, including acrylic, oil, watercolor, charcoal, pastels, pencils and ink, as well as having years of experience working with Adobe Photoshop in the areas of color-correction, photo-retouching, compositing and digital painting replicating natural media. For 10 years, Robin has been dedicated to helping others expand their creative ability. It is Robin’s lifelong goal to change the notion which a great number of people resign to that one needs to have “talent” to pursue the art they feel or want.

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Nathaniel Smalley

Nathaniel Smalley is a professional nature photographer based in Phoenix, Arizona. Though he calls the American Southwest his home, he leads photography workshops, tours and expeditions to various international destinations as well. More than just another nature photographer, Nathaniel is a passionate conservationist. For him the natural world is a sanctuary where he captures images of the living world and shares them with those who love and appreciate nature as he does.

Mike Moats

Mike Moats is an award winning, professional Macro Photographer from Sterling Heights, Michigan. He has had articles and images published in Outdoor Photographer Magazine, Natures Best Magazine, PC Photo Magazine, Nature Photographer Magazine, Photolife, and many more! Mike is one of Tamron’s “Image Masters”. He offers Close-Up/Macro Photography Workshops held in cities throughout the country and on his online macro courses.

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Charles Lupica

International award winning photographer, author, and workshop leader. Owner / leader of the Online Photography learning community, 256 Shades of Gray™. My images have been sold worldwide for use in magazines, newspapers, brochures and even a jigsaw puzzle, featured artist July 2013 Artist Culture Magazine.

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Valerie Millett

I’m captivated by the geology, sediment sculptures, sandstone art and colors of The American Southwest. I aspire to see as much of it as I can. To touch it, sleep under it, dream about it, write about it, photograph and paint it.

Photo Contest

Kelly DeLay

Award winning weather photographer, storm chaser, Kelly DeLay is a complete multi-media artist who is particularly adept at projects that require an innovative creative approach, strong content and design. Kelly spent several years in the music business with touring artist, working as a sound engineer and road manager. Kelly was involved in the first webcast of the Latin Grammies, an online broadcast of backstage events that was seen all over the world and drove millions of visitors to the grammy websites.

Photo Contest

Tim Grey

Tim Grey is regarded as one of the top educators in digital photography and imaging, offering clear guidance on complex subjects through his writing and speaking. He has written more than a dozen books on digital imaging for photographers, has published dozens of video training courses, has had hundreds of articles published in magazines. For more than thirteen years he has been publishing the daily Ask Tim Grey eNewsletter, answering questions from photographers. He also produces the related Ask Tim Grey Podcast and publishes the monthly Pixology electronic magazine. Tim teaches through workshops, seminars, and appearances at major events around the country and around the world.

Ray Collins

Capturing the fleeting moments of a wave’s journey to dissipation, Ray feels more at home floating in saltwater with his camera than anywhere on land. Ray’s work has been featured by Wired, Yahoo, CNN, ABC (USA), ESPN, Huffington Post & BuzzFeed and can regularly be found in Art, Lifestyle, Sport and Photography Magazines around the world, his Seascapes have been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout The United States, Europe, The UK and Australia.

Jordan Matter

Jordan Matter, a Manhattan portrait photographer and one of 2014’s “Top Emerging Artists” (Art Business News), is the author of the New York Times bestseller and international phenomenon, DANCERS AMONG US (Workman Publishing), a collection of photographs of dancers in everyday situations around the world. Oprah Magazine, Barnes & Noble, NPR and Amazon selected it as a “Best Book”. Matter and his work have been featured on television, in print, and in galleries throughout the world, including ABC World News with Diane Sawyer, the Today Show, the BBC, The Huffington Post, and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Seoul, Korea.

Scott Robert Lim

Internationally acclaimed, master photographer and Sony Artisan, Scott Robert Lim was awarded the prestigious 2009 Kodak Award. To his credit he has more than 70 international awards of excellence and selected World’s Top Ten Wedding Photographers, Top 10 Most Influential Photographers and Top 100 Most Socially Influential Photographers. His work has been published in books and magazines distributed to millions of readers internationally and has taught and mentored many professional photographers around the world. Scott is a popular international wedding photographer and a regular speaker on Creative Live with an exciting and inspirational style.

Nicholas Pappagallo

For Nicholas, noticing the small treasures in life has really helped him fine tune his skills. Eventually, his passion for photography expanded & he formed PAC (Photographers Adventure Club llc), the biggest and most active photography club. Being surrounded by many gifted photographers has given Nicholas the unique opportunity to broaden his own talents into a variety of different categories. When he isn’t behind the camera shooting events, weddings or portraits he is teaching other photographers basic photography skills, Lightroom editing & how to take their own skills to the next level.

Kathleen Clemons

Kathleen Clemons is an award winning photographer, instructor, speaker and workshop leader from Maine. Her work is represented worldwide by Corbis and Getty Images. Lensbaby lenses recently named her the “Georgia O’ Keeffe of Flower Photography”. With a background in education, and a passion for both photography and teaching, she loves to teach others how to improve their photography skills. Kathleen teaches online classes at The Bryan Peterson School of Photography and Creative Live and is on the Instructional Staff of the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops. She also teaches several location workshops each year.

Michael Shainblum is a 24 year old fine art landscape photographer and a filmmaker based out of San Francisco CA. He has worked with companies such as Nike, Disney, BMW and Jeep as well as being featured by National Geographic, Vice, The Weather Channel and Wired Magazine. With a passion for photography and art at a very young age, Michael pursues to create unique imagery that not only captures what he saw in a specific moment, but what he felt in that moment as well.

Photo Contest

Adrian Sky

Adrian Bogatsky (aka Adrian Sky) is an architecture, lifestyle, and landscape photographer native to San Francisco, California. Adrian has long been driven and inspired by a variety of forms of creativity, having once managed an independent music label before undergoing critical brain surgery in 2013. Adrian became passionate about photography post-surgery and attributes his successful recovery to the art form. He now works as a full-time freelance photographer and has partnered with brands such as Nike, Google, Verizon, Chevrolet and Jaguar.

Photo Contest

Casey McCallister

Casey McCallister is a self-taught outdoor lifestyle photographer and adventurer based in Northern California. His photography is both documentary and artistic. He captures adventures as they happen, the stages on which them play out and the moments in between.

Candace Dyar

Candace Dyar is a professional landscape and nature photographer based in Seattle, and a contributing photographer and author to the Visual Wilderness team. Her background in Art History significantly contributes to her overall artistic vision and she is known for portraying a painterly type of style within her work. Candace is passionate about exploring and photographing the diversity of wilderness areas in their entirety. Her goal as a photographer is to reach viewers on an emotional level, while also spreading awareness of the necessity and vitality of the natural world.

Photo Contest

Sarah Marino

Sarah Marino is a professional nature and landscape photographer, photography educator, and widely published writer. She strives to capture personally expressive photographs that convey the elegance, beauty, and awe-inspiring qualities of the landscapes she visits.Sarah, along with her husband and fellow landscape photographer Ron Coscorrosa, splits her time between Colorado and living a nomadic life in an Airstream trailer, an opportunity that allows for extensive travel, exploration, and extended stays in some of North America’s most inspiring natural places.

Pete Wright

During his 25 years of working as a photographer, Pete has earned the degrees of Master Photographer and Photographic Craftsman from Professional Photographers of America. He also received Photographer of The Year honors from PPA in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013 and has been awarded multiple Fuji and Kodak Gallery Awards, as well as multiple images selected for the international PPA Loan Collection and PPA’s Grand Imaging Award and The Canon Par Excellence Award.

Jerry Ghionis

Widely regarded as one of the top five best wedding photographers in the world, Jerry Ghionis is based in Beverly Hills, California and Melbourne, Australia and travels frequently on international photography assignments and speaking engagements. With the flair of a fashion designer and the ingenuity of an architect, his style can be described where vintage glamour meets contemporary fashion.

Richard Bernabe

Richard Bernabe is a an internationally renowned nature, wildlife, and travel photographer and author from the United States. His editorial clients include The National Geographic Society, Audobon, The Sierra Club, National Parks, Outdoor Photographer, Popular Photography, and many others. Corporate clients include Canon, Patagonia, Orvis, REI, Apple, Microsoft, American Express, and more

Dan Carr

Born in the UK , Dan took a gap year in Whistler, British Columbia after high-school which planted the seed for a mountain obsession. Dan is a senior photographer for the Canadian ski magazine Skier and his work has also been featured in ski and snowboard magazines from Japan to Canada and everywhere in between as well as innumerable commercial campaigns for an ever widening list of clients which includes top ski resorts such as Whistler Blackcomb, and outdoor sports companies such as Salomon and Oakley.

Tamara Pruessner

Tamara Pruessner is a nature photographer near Tucson, Arizona, who specializes in storm, landscape and macro photography. She started out on a manual Minolta film camera 13 years ago while learning how to develop film. Eventually, she wants to chase storms throughout the Midwest. Her recent work includes tackling two new projects: self-portraiture and model photography.

Martin Bailey

Martin Bailey is a nature and wildlife photographer based in Tokyo. He’s a pioneering Podcaster and blogger, Craft & Vision author, Arcanum Master and X-Rite Coloratti member. Fueled by his passion for nature and travel, and a tireless desire to share his knowledge and artistic vision, Martin is a popular international tour and workshop leader, helping photographers from around the world to see and capture the wonders of this awesome planet we call home.

Photo Contest

Chris Schmid

My body of work is the result of learning from mistakes and by experience. Most of all, I seek, appreciate, and respect a solid critique. There is nothing more humbling (or inspiring) than hearing an honest opinion of my work from a friend or other photographers. Since August 2014, Chris is very proud to be part of the Sony Global Imaging Ambassador program.

William Innes

William Innes, is the principal photographer of William Innes Photography. His specialty is wedding photography in the Southern California area. He writes for several online photography magazines and blogs, and presents photography related workshops. William is currently a member of the Panasonic Lumix Luminary team. He is a member of Professional Photographers of America and WPPI.

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Andrew Hancock

Andrew Hancock is a US-based storytelling advertising and editorial photographer. He is a Nikon Ambassador (US) with a passion for creating dynamic visuals for a broad range of clients both in the United States and abroad. With an emphasis on portrait, sport and action imagery, his photos have appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated on multiple occasions as well as on the cover of TIME magazine and Nikon World magazine.

David Beckstead

David Beckstead was named “The Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World” by American Photo magazine – March 2007 David is truly a mountain man at heart! He has traveled to over 80 countries and almost every state in the US. He has hiked thousands of miles of backcountry, including above the base camp of Mt. Everest. He was one of the first registered trackers for Arizona Search and Rescue.

Sarah Lee

From Kona on the Big Island of Hawai’i, Sarah Lee is incessantly glued to camera viewfinders, DaFiNs, and the sea. Her love for photography, particularly underwater and surf photography was shaped by a childhood where she was constantly playing in and around the ocean. As a long-distance swimmer and surfer, her strength as an athlete in the ocean and tide allows her to capture swimmers and surfers in the special way she does beneath the sea. “My aim in making photos is to capture and accentuate the beauty in what surrounds me. Photography to me is a mode of visual problem solving and a way to perpetuate the stoke, whether it be above the surface or below.”

Justin Reznick

Justin Reznick is a full-time professional nature photographer from Seattle, Washington. His vision comes from years on the road and off the beaten path. He has explored 66 countries on 6 continents and has hiked many of the world’s greatest trails. His passion for traveling and exploration pushes his photographic abilities to new heights.

Polina Rabtseva

Polina Rabtseva is a nude art and beauty photographer/filmmaker based in San Francisco, California. Her clients include top global brands like Bacardi, FashionTV, Mercedes Benz and MOË.

Bob Davids

Bob Davis – I am so proud to be a member of the CANON family and the Canon Explorers of Light, a program created by Canon for the purpose of educating photographers. This is an elite group of 60 of the USA’s best EOS photographers united in their love and passion for photographic excellence. I am also a proud member of the APPLE Aperture Advisory Board. I’m not a newcomer to the photographic industry. I’ve been a professional photographer for over 25 years. It was obvious to me at an early age that being a photographer was what I wanted to do with my life!

Robin Layton

Robin Layton has produced countless notable photographs and earned a place among the world’s top photographers. After an award-winning career in newspapers, including key positions with: The Virginian-Pilot, Cleveland Plain Dealer, and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Robin embarked on a freelance career that has taken her on documentary assignments around the world. Along the way, she has photographed prom queens to actual kings, street people to presidents; personalities from Oprah Winfrey to Shaquille O’Neal. She has also expanded the boundaries of traditional photography, combining her images with vintage found objects to create critically-acclaimed and highly sought art pieces.


Wesley is a senior marketing major at a Christian university south of Chicago. (Olivet Nazarene University if you’d like to use the name). Through traveling overseas and delving into the community of Instagram, he’s fallen in love with photography, especially portraits, over the last few years. Wesley has a passion for capturing unique moments and people’s true personalities through his lens.

Jack Hollingsworth

Jack Hollingsworth is an award winning, 30-year career veteran in commercial photography. His assignments, projects and personal work have gently carried him around the world. He is one of the industry’s most well known names in lifestyle and mobile photography.


Star Rush

Star Rush is a documentary and street photographer and a founding member of Mobile Photo Group, an international collective of photographers creating images on mobile devices. Rush’s photography has been exhibited in the United States, as well as London and Rome.

Varina Patel

Varina Patel is a professional wilderness and nature photographer and a prolific writer. She has collaborated in writing a series of eBooks on topics ranging from Interpreting Histograms to Composition and the Gestalt Theories of Perception. Her award-winning articles and images have been published around the world – by National Geographic , National Parks Magazine, Popular Photography, and many more.

Leanne Staples

Leanne Staples is primarily a street, social documentary, urban landscape photographer and mixed media artist. She was given her first camera at the age of 12 by her father. For many years her concentration was mainly as an architectural photographer. It was, as she has said, an obsessive pursuit for an unreal purity. One day, after being annoyed by people walking into her shot, she decided not to fight it anymore, to shoot people passing by the buildings. That began her venture into street photography!

Nancy Messieh

Born and raised in Southern Africa, Nancy Messieh is an Egyptian writer, poet and photographer. She is currently the Middle East and Social Media Editor for The Next Web. She focuses primarily on street photography, looking for spontaneous moments which capture the simultaneous grit and beauty of Cairo and its people.

Lou Manna

Lou Manna is a recognized expert in the field of food photography having worked for the New York Times, as well as the author of Digital Food Photography. He has spent over thirty years creating images of all things edible. Lou’s award-winning photographs have appeared in over forty cookbooks and in major publications, ad campaigns and on product packages.

Justin Van Leeuwen

Justin Van Leeuwen is an Ottawa-based commercial and editorial photographer. He is a Westcott 2013 endorsed pro because he’s “Good at flash” and was “kind of a big deal” when some of his images were featured on the Huffington post, daily mail online, and Buzz Feed. Aside from this, he lives a relatively quiet life in Canada’s capital, with a wife and two kids.

Nico Goodden

Nicholas Goodden aka Nico is an award winning urban photographer who focuses on London from street photography to urban landscapes. An official Olympus ambassador, his work has been published in magazines, websites and advertising campaigns and is gaining recognition in the capital with already 4 exhibitions this year including 2 solo shows

Paul R. Giunta

Paul R. Giunta is a live music and portrait photographer in Los Angeles. His work has been featured in Rolling Stone, TIME, The New York Times, The New Yorker, Los Angeles Magazine, People Magazine, Glamour, & Entertainment Weekly.

Chris Collacott

Chris Collacott, is an international award-winning photographer who is known for his stunning natural landscape, architecture, and cityscape images. He specializes in large-scale panoramic photos. Collacott’s recently achieved highest scoring gigapixel image and 4th place overall in the EPSON Pano Awards 2013 for the built environment, and one of his most notable accomplishments include having one of his Vancouver Skyline photos showcased on a 23-foot mural in the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics Athletes Village.

David Guy Maynard

David Guy Maynard is an award winning, internationally published photographer working in Fashion, Beauty, Event, Fine Art, Nature and General Commercial photography. His work has been in numerous magazines and publications around the World, as well as being featured on respected web based business sites, in galleries, and exhibits.

John Bardoff

John Batdorff is author of “Street Photography: A Guide to Finding and Capturing Authentic Portraits and Streetscapes”. John is an award-winning landscape and travel photographer who splits his time between Chicago and Montana. His work has been featured in the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson Hole. He loves the outdoors and traveling, and sharing his images with others.

Erik Valind

Erik Valind is a freelance photographer, born and raised on the Florida beaches, now residing in the heart of New York City. Specializing in commercial lifestyle photography and environmental portraiture – airy and energetic imagery is what defines his style and vision. Inspired by the form, activity and diversity of people, Erik has channeled this to help shape the public image of numerous brands and campaigns.

Jessica Drossin

Jessica Drossin is an internationally-published, self-taught, fine art portrait photographer based in Los Angeles.  She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art (Painting), and has worked for video game companies such as Blizzard Entertainment.

Scott Wyden Kivowitz

Scott Wyden Kivowitz is a photographer from New Jersey that shares his passion for photography any way he can. Scott’s work consists of portraits, commercial real estate and business photography combined with landscape photographs. Scott is also the Community & Blog Wrangler at Photocrati Media teaching other photographers how to increase business through their website.

Evelyn Lamprey

Evelyn Lamprey is a full-time commercial photographer specializing in product  photography, particularly textile, fiber and other craft. Personal work focuses on New England landscapes and still life.

Hudson Henry

Hudson Henry lives to create dramatic still and motion imagery. While renowned for his adventure, travel, landscape, documentary field work and fine art prints, Hudson enjoys teaching creative workshops as well as producing commercial projects. A particular passion is the production of ultra-high-resolution panoramic merger images and very large prints.

Sara France

Sara France is a renown photographer in the wedding and event industries. Her wedding photography has been showcased in the Apple store world-wide and the Aperture software. Sara has been featured on the wedding  Channel, Studio photography magazine and Ceremony magazine.

Elizabeth Ettiene

Elizabeth Etienne is a graduate of the prestigious Brooks Institute of Photography, endorsed by Nikon and Kodak and her images have been featured in dozens of magazines, blogs, and galleries around the globe. Elizabeth Etienne is considered by many industry professionals to be one of the top photographers in the world.

Thomas Leuthard

Thomas Leuthard is a 40 year old street photographer from Switzerland who a very passionate about the human face. His speciality is shooting strangers from a very short in a candid way. For his passion he travels around the World to meet other photographers and to teach workshops in street photography.


Michiel De Lange

Michiel De Lange mainly focuses on capturing people, and their daily lives within different cultural, religious and social environments. He is especially drawn to the real, rustic lives of people earning their living in streets around the world. work is often published in international photography magazines, as well as a number of book publications to date. He is also the founder, owner and editor 18%GREY | A Street Photography Magazine.

Jill Flynn

Jill Flynn is a Phoenix, Arizona based photographer that specializes in Pet Photography. Jill also creates imagery for Getty and Corbis photostock agencies and does commercial shoots. Her imagery has been used by the pet care industry, veterinary hospitals, appeared on book covers, in fine art magazines and private galleries.

Dave Veffer

Dave Veffer who is  based in New Jersey enjoys landscape and macro photography. He has been a Photoshop professional for over 13 years and shoots exclusively with Micro Four Thirds equipment.

Brian Rose

Brian Rose is the Google+ Photos community manager, where he work to grow the photographers community. He love viewing photos almost as much as he enjoy taking photos, which he does with a Lomo LC-A or a Nikon D7000. He take mostly street photos because he love photos of people and documenting the everyday.

Mark Jaworski

Mark has worked with countless artists including Bruce Springsteen, Lady Gaga, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Elvis Costello, Guster, Hall & Oates, Tom Morello and many more. His work has won numerous awards and has been featured in publications throughout the world.

Daria Endresen

Photographer and digital artist, based in Oslo, Norway, Daria Endresen draws her inspiration from her most intimate, personal stories. Observant and sensitive, Daria creates surreal dream scapes, drowned in icy atmosphere and laden with pain and mystery. Her works have been featured in numerous publications and art books in Europe and overseas, and she took part in many shows across the world, among others in Norway, Sweden, France, Germany, England, Poland, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, and the United States.

Holly Broomhall

Holly Broomhall is shooting commercial work with some big fashion clients such as John Lewis, Monsoon, Avenue32, and Harrods, and loving the variety, the pool of creatives, and enjoying much of what the UK industry.

Kate Jordahl

Kate Jordahl is a professor of Photography, Foothill College, Los Altos Hills and co-director of PhotoCentral, Hayward, California. She photographs places where spirit of the earth and the human spirit come together. Her work is in numerous collections including the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris and is represented by Modernbook Gallery, San Francisco. Making her photographs, sharing that process and helping others make their own photographs completes the circle of creativity for Kate.

Amelia Fletcher

Amelia Fletcher is a Chicago-based photographer currently focusing on fine art portraiture. Her southern mountain roots have influenced her personal style with themes of natural elements, personal histories, and the idea of home. She is fascinated with photography, specifically the opportunity to preserve a moment in time and tell stories through imagery.

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