Do you want to learn what it takes to create a great composite? Follow along as Robin takes you into a fun and fascinating journey into the creation of some of her own images and some tips that she shares along the way!

Robin Griggs Wood possesses an exquisite sense of color, balance, form, composition and light. Along with expressing these sensibilities through her photography, she has worked in natural media, including acrylic, oil, watercolor, charcoal, pastels, pencils and ink, as well as having years of experience working with Adobe Photoshop in the areas of color-correction, photo-retouching, compositing and digital painting replicating natural media. For 10 years, Robin has been dedicated to helping others expand their creative ability.

Check out her video about "The Myth of Talent" and how you can start on the road to realizing your full creative potential. It is Robin's lifelong goal to change the notion which a great number of people resign to that one needs to have β€œtalent” to pursue the art they feel or want. As well as being a Master at The Arcanum, she has been offering free programs for the past 3 years through the "G+ Mentorship Program For Photographers" on Google+.

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