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An old broken camera makes for a great prop. Water sprayed on a cold day creates ice.

An old broken camera makes for a great prop. Water sprayed on a cold day creates ice.
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DAsEye Platinum
DAsEye Feb 16
How did your camera hold up?
familycam Platinum
familycam Apr 02
Awesome shot!!!
dminspiredfotos Ultimate
Great shot. I do feel for your gear, however.
romaintune Apr 05
Cette image est franchement énorme, toutes mes félicitations. Votre appareil photo est-il toujours en vie ? 🌹🌹🌹
marvin2660 PRO
marvin2660 Apr 10
That poor camera. I hope it recovered!
owch. is it still alive?
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Behind The Lens


I took this picture in my backyard during a freezing snowy day.


The day was snowing off and on so I went out several times. I believe this was taken mid-day.


I just used the available light. The day was very overcast so the light was soft and non-directional. Flat.


I used my Nikon D850 the camera was handheld because the prop camera was on my tripod. I used a shallow depth of field to pop the camera off the background. I do not remember what lens I used but it was probably my trusty 90mm Tamron macro lens.


I was bored and wanted to play. I looked outside and it was cold and snowy perfect for freezing something. I set up an old broken camera and flash just outside my back door. I went out with a spray bottle several times and coated the camera in ice. I then waited for the snow.


I did very little post-processing because the light was so flat I used curves and cropped on Photoshop.

In my camera bag

I have Nikon cameras a D857 D750 D7100 and a D300 converted to infrared. I have a wide selection of lenses 50mm 1.4 Nikon 90mm Tamron Macro 70-200mm Nikon up to 150-600 Tamron. I use Godox flash units.


I find bad days are often good days for photography. It may be cold wet or super hot but a bit of effort can create something a bit different and often fun.

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