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Emma At Work I.

My favorite artist enjoys what she and her camera encounter all around us.
And I'm quietly enjoying the sight :)

My favorite artist enjoys what she and her camera encounter all around us.
And I'm quietly enjoying the sight :)
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trainwoman Platinum
trainwoman December 26, 2016
What a joy for you!!! 💕
sweetpea72 December 27, 2016
fantastic shot! シ
Belochka February 18, 2017
Beautiful photographer! Fantastic work!
trainwoman Platinum
trainwoman May 13, 2017
Congratulations on people's choice award in black and white portraits....very much deserved
eelcovanroden PRO+
eelcovanroden May 14, 2017
Congratulations, great portrait!
LookSee PRO+
LookSee May 14, 2017
Thank you, all! I an very glad you like my work.
Best Of Light to y'all! :)
Visible June 02, 2017
Stunning portrait! My congratulations!
AnnHopta PRO+
AnnHopta July 08, 2021
Love the rim light!
LookSee PRO+
LookSee July 08, 2021
Thanks! :)
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Behind The Lens

Photo was made in the Zumberak mountains (Croatia). This mountain range forms the part of natural border between Slovenia and Croatia. A nice mountain road runs along the summit, offering beautiful vistas on either side; the road I have traveled many times in the past!
Time was 15:12:49, which is, in January, already deep into the afternoon, light-wise.
Shot out of hand against the sunlight... and later converted to b&w for effect.
My favorite camera in those days was a Sony DSC-F828, which in the meantime quit working after many years (R.I.P.). One of Sony's excellent models, that one was very solidly constructed, and full of features well ahead of its time. (You might wish to look it up, especially with regard to its night-shooting abilities).
How much inspiration one needs to photograph one's lovely wife? :)
The original photo was very much a silhouette, with exception of hair around the shape rim. When the image was converted to b&w, this augmented the contrast, so I had to lighten it up somewhat to bring out Emma's facial features. Upon resizing the photo for upload, it was also slightly sharpened, but only around the back-lighted hair strands. That was about all it required.
In my camera bag
I'm used to my photo vest, as I find its numerous pockets ideal for organizing all the gear I need. The whole also presents more symmetrical weight distribution, and I find it much easier to carry. I will usually have two cameras; one of those waterproof, for themes under the surface (I'm mainly moving around some waters, anyway). There will be spare batteries, a ND and CPL filters, a camera clamp (I guess I'm too lazy to lug a tripod - it remains in the car for just in case). So using the camera clamp and objects I find around me, I will improvise when I need to. I also have along a length of paracord, a pocket knife and a lighter. There are lots of things you can do with it to position the camera just where you want it to be. The main role of the camera clamp will be in time-lapse photos and/or in very low light. The back pocket of the vest holds a lightweight rain poncho, so if the weather suddenly changes I can simply protect everything in one go. If I'm out for the whole day, some pockets may also contain a sandwich or a bar of chocolate, and a small water bottle.
If you burden yourself with a ton of gear, chances are you won't go very far, and in any case, you will not feel as comfortably and so free to roam. If you can plan your shoot, also plan the gear you might need along, always remembering there may be some suddenly appearing themes which you should be ready to shoot as well. Thus, two cameras... which cover all the focal lengths you need. This is also why I like prosumers: many options in one single handy unit. And a waterproof camera will make it possible to go on photographing even in the most adverse weather (beside underwater). In all, this concept of mine is well-proven through many years, and I feel confident to recommend it.

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