A multiple-story image. What has caused this weed to grow like that is anybody's guess, but I'm open to theories. Anyway, it is not manipulation of any sort; th...
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A multiple-story image. What has caused this weed to grow like that is anybody's guess, but I'm open to theories. Anyway, it is not manipulation of any sort; the plant has dried up in the same place it grew.
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Winner in Letters & Numbers in Nature Photo Challenge
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Magnificent Capture
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windonnewton December 13, 2013
Great find.
SahilQaiser March 11, 2015
Woooww!!!! Amazing and Beautiful
Elizabeth_H May 25, 2015
Wow, is that a snail on it?
acglock PRO+
acglock October 23, 2015
Congratulations on the challenge win!

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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at a small lighthouse isle Plocica in the Adriatic sea.
10:44:50 AM
Clear daylight, unmodified, on a nice and sunny December morning.
It was shot out of hand with SONY R-1 and its proprietary lens. No accessories.
The curious form of the weed and the snail shell attached to it caught my eye. I cleared some other dry weed from around it and got down on my knees to achieve the angle of shooting against the sky.
Nothing out of the regular; cropped it to get rid of the disturbing surroundings (mainly other weedstalks). There was a bit of color balancing, reducement to upload size and a little re-sharpening.
In my camera bag
I don't like bags. I prefer a many-pocketed photographer's vest, and carry my gear that way. There are usually two cameras. One would be some prosumer (which I like more than a SLR), and the other will always be some camera that can go into the water. There will eventually be a Skylight, a stack of NDs and a CPL filters, a small, strong flashlight, a piece of aluminum foil (for reflected light), a Swiss Army pocket knife, matches or lighter, and of course, spare batteries and memory cards (or film rolls).
Maybe the best advice would be "travel light - go far". People burden themselves unnecessarily with bags and backpacks of gear, and I too have been dragging those, feeling like a weightlifter when I had to. Since then, I discovered that two well-chosen cameras can do the same. To me, it pays to seriously assess what I want to do, and then gear up for it. If you do not plan to make any paper enlargements longer than one meter, do consider modern prosumer cameras. With all the spares and add-ons it will be maybe one kilogram to carry. And built right in, all the focal lengths you will ever need... ;)

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