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Hunter (II.)

Snake is trying to swallow the small fish the wrong way, instead of head-first...

Snake is trying to swallow the small fish the wrong way, instead of head-first...
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Winner in Snakes Eating Photo Challenge
Contest Finalist in Picturing Aquatic Animals Photo Contest
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Magnificent Capture
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Joviaal PRO
Joviaal July 22, 2019
Great capture, and beautifully composed with that reflection on the water surface..
LookSee PRO+
LookSee July 22, 2019
geophotos November 17, 2019
Snake in an "&" shape - expertly and creatively captured! Emoji = Upset (for how the fish must be feeling) but it also looks Angry (for the snake thinking: Boy! I've screwed up big this time!) :))
LookSee PRO+
LookSee November 17, 2019
Maybe it was supposed to be a Violin Key sign and then the fish appeared, so he thought, "Belay that, the meal comes first!"... Hard to discern. Thanks for liking it! :)
RickL PRO+
RickL January 13, 2020
Truly an amazing photo.
LookSee PRO+
LookSee January 13, 2020
Thank you!
ingridwolter January 14, 2020
LookSee PRO+
LookSee January 14, 2020
Thanks... I think. Rather hard to understand, though.
p_eileenbaltz Platinum
p_eileenbaltz May 22, 2020
Congratulations on your well deserved finalist award!
LookSee PRO+
LookSee May 22, 2020
Thank you!
eelcovanroden PRO+
eelcovanroden May 27, 2020
Congratulations on your Contest Finalist, great!
LookSee PRO+
LookSee May 27, 2020
Thanks, my friend :)
electricslides September 17, 2020
LookSee PRO+
LookSee September 18, 2020
Thanks, all... a combination of right-time-right-place and luck and a good camera and luck and reflexes (and luck...) - eventually it may even win...😁
LookSee PRO+
LookSee June 05, 2022
Thanks for making it a win in "Snakes Eating" Challenge.
Made my day! :)
ronjudyluv2travel Platinum
ronjudyluv2travel September 22, 2022
Amazing capture! Wow!
LookSee PRO+
LookSee September 22, 2022
Thanks much! :)
eaglerider007 December 27, 2022
Just an amazing shot…nicely done
LookSee PRO+
LookSee December 27, 2022
Thank you
imagesbyPattiC Platinum
Wow! great shot!! I love your underwater photography. So happy you are able to do it and share it.
LookSee PRO+
LookSee Feb 21
rickmanson Ultimate
rickmanson Jun 12
I love the reflection
LookSee PRO+
LookSee Jun 13
Yes, it adds an extra something to the scene. Thanks!
Pjerry Aug 01
How beautiful…...
LookSee PRO+
LookSee Aug 01
I'm glad you like it!
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Behind The Lens

This is one of the shots made in Lake Ohrid, about 200 meters from my home. The location is a part of my everyday Summer swims, and I was lucky to be at the right place in the right moment.
Date/Time of the original was July 20th 2019 at 15:52:39, to be precise.
It's possible that someone might find such data interesting, but it would be theoretically and practically impossible to repeat: f/2.8, ISO100, 1/125s, 0.00 eV, Metering Mode Pattern, Flash (Auto) Did not fire, F 4.5 mm.
Olympus Tough TG-2, with no add-ons of any kind. Shot out of one-hand-only, and it was adapted to be used that way. There is a photo of the camera and the adaptation in the gallery if you're interested.
Underwater life in the Lake is my motivation, and I go swimming, snorkeling and diving solely for that reason. Lake Ohrid is brimming with life, and in my mind, it is quite easily approached and recorded, as the water is crystal clear throughout the largest part of the year!
There was not much of anything, save some cropping, to prepare this one for upload. I've had a number of misses in the situation here, and it took more time to select the keepers than to work on the final look of the few I have saved.
In my camera bag
I find it easier to carry a photo vest than any photo bag. So I load my photo vest with whatever I might need for my photo session, walk or trip, while my photo bags usually keep the equipment I'm not using at the moment. The vest's many pockets usually contain two cameras, spare batteries, ND and CPL filters, and one photo clamp standing in for a tripod. Recently I include a small action camera, mainly for its wide field of view and resistance to water and weather. The vest also has large-lens pockets that contain a small water bottle, sandwich, or a bar of chocolate if I plan on being out for the whole day. There is about three meters length of paracord or similar strong, thin rope, one hefty pocket knife, and a lighter. My smartphone comes along too. It has yet another spare camera, but more importantly the Spirit Level App wich I use to make the phone a perfectly horizontal surface under my camera. This is essential for panoramic sweeps. The app is free, and requires no extra permissions whatsoever. The large back pocket of the vest is reserved for a lightweight rain poncho. If the weather suddenly plays up, the poncho neatly covers all. Using the tools mentioned above, much can be improvised along the way, so that's all I need to make photos.
You need not go to great depths to record the fascinating underwater life and space! Also, just about any camera capable of being watertight down to a few meters will do. Aside of that you only need a mask, snorkel and a pair of fins. Sheer simplicity! But one needs to study one's results seriously, because water is much different photo medium from air. I have decades of diving experience and I'm still learning, because we all want to turn our botches into knowlege, and the knowlege into better photos! Start at arm-length depth at noon, and proceed from there. Have a Good swim, and even better Light! :)

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