Free Ride...

What's to say? Seems like everybody is looking for one, nowadays... :)

What's to say? Seems like everybody is looking for one, nowadays... :)
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staceygensel mariadel Frank1390 matthewgraf FeatherstonePhotography Eduardbetz thatunicorngal +78
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DVallas PRO+
DVallas December 31, 2013
my jaw dropped when I saw this....
Snappin-shots April 05, 2014
Oh My Gosh, I would have drowned!! :)
mariovasa December 18, 2014
Great shot!!!!!
BaxterMan PRO+
BaxterMan January 20, 2015
That is cool!
BiseraI March 22, 2015
Wonderful,inspiring,full of joy,unique... Extremely good photography...
MiroslavKral March 23, 2015
Congrats on the reward...you earned it.
06JohnTavernier1975 March 27, 2015
I like this one ! Good Job
MitchellWentzell June 28, 2015
awesome photo, easily one of my fav that I have seen on this whole site. Nice to c someone else taking photos underwater while snorkeling
danielmartin November 22, 2015
Wow!!! I love this!!
john_arsenault January 01, 2016
Don't sell yourself short on comments; visual humor is hard to do (i my opinion) well, and you pulled it off ( i am assuming its humor, and not an Indiana Jones situation!)
lyndadida January 25, 2016
Nice shot
LookSee October 03, 2016
Thanks, y'all! Your votes brought me all the awards, so yours is the part of glory! :)
MiroslavKral May 18, 2018
Congrats … reward well deserved again :)
JM18Photography PRO+
JM18Photography May 18, 2018
LookSee May 18, 2018
Thanks, y'all! Obviously people like snakes after all! :)
p_eileenbaltz PRO
p_eileenbaltz May 18, 2018
Love it!!! Congratulations on your Challenge Win.
Belochka May 18, 2018
My congratulations!
LookSee February 03, 2019
CURUTCHET February 25, 2019
you havea dangerous life
LookSee February 25, 2019
I'd say it's fun. Not one bite in nine years - they're not aggressive. Humans are aggresive! :)
gman176 March 13, 2019
Outstanding! I really like this one.
LookSee March 13, 2019
Thank you!
geophotos PRO
geophotos July 22, 2019
Snake Whisperer! Much deserved multi award winner snake - look after it! :))
LookSee July 22, 2019
The Snake will be delighted! Thanks! :)))
LookSee December 15, 2019
KristinaOers PRO+
KristinaOers Feb 02
That is quite the selfie! Wonderful!!!
LookSee Feb 02
Thank you!
AnnHopta PRO+
AnnHopta May 27
Thank you for joining my challenge #Bestselfies Looksee. Good luck!
LookSee May 27
Thank you for creating it! :)
AnnHopta PRO+
AnnHopta Jun 02
Voting is open in Best Selfies. Please vote.
LookSee Jun 02
Will do ;)
AnnHopta PRO+
AnnHopta Jun 09
Congrats on winning my challenge Best Selfies. You nailed it for fun and creative!
LookSee Jun 09
Much obliged! :)
eelcovanroden PRO+
eelcovanroden Jun 10
Congratulations on your wonderful Challenge Win!
LookSee Jun 10
Thanks, my friend :)

Behind The Lens

Elenkamen, Lake Ohrid (Macedonia)...
13:44:38... and some very long seconds there...
Daylight only, and Daylight WB. There was no thinking about that at all, just enough time to snap off one shot before the "free rider" slid down my shoulder and vanished.
CANON D10, an able little camera almost ideal for one-handed quick snapshot. I was extremely lucky to frame just the right picture content, as the situation required more reflex than anything else.
I'm sure it was the snake climbing over my head! Actually, the inspiration was late this time, as the photo happened before inspiration managed to arrive...
Lighted the area within the mask a bit. Also, I did a little re-sharpening after resizing the image. The frame is slightly cropped too.
In my camera bag
In water, I carry very little. After many years of SCUBA and other kinds of diving that require lots of equipment, I nowadays genuinely enjoy the simplicity. So it is just one camera, basic snorkeling tackle, and a forearm-strapped knife (intended as a tool, not as a weapon). Otherwise, I do not carry any photo bag for years already, since I discovered that all I need can be comfortably divided unto several of the many pockets of my photo vest.
Hard to say what to do in a situation like that. I'm pretty much used to snake encounters by now, and similar things have happened several times since. But to get a correct photo in similar situations, it is absolutely imperative to keep your cool. Make no sudden moves. Any jerky movement might scare the snake, and then he'll swim away so quick you won't be able to see where he went. So move fluidly, straighten the arm, raise the camera so as to look directly into the lens, and snap off as many shots as the situation allows. Do not worry! If the snake is not alarmed, he will not bite you. He's neither attacked nor cornered, so he's got no reason to do so. Unless it is an anaconda. Then my advice is, you better shouldn't have been there! ;) Think about it this way: there is no chance that any of your defensive, offensive, or evasive movements could possibly be quicker that that of a snake! Thus, if the bite hasn't already happened, it also won't. The main thing is to forget right away that an animal (any animal) is dangerous only because it has that capacity. It is your behavior that makes the animal decide what to do. Keep hoping that at least one pic will come out correct. There is not much more to do. Otherwise, wait (while shooting all the time)... until the snake swims away. Enjoy!

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