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You Klutz...

A bit of editing fun, based upon a slightly altered real story. Places and faces have been omitted to protect the innocent... ;)...
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A bit of editing fun, based upon a slightly altered real story. Places and faces have been omitted to protect the innocent... ;)
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Winner in Oops! That wasn't supposed to happen! Photo Challenge
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1Ernesto February 15, 2014
I loved this the first time I got to see it and now get to vote for it - lots of luck!
amyjohuffer April 22, 2015
I laugh every time I see this one! Thank you for entering my challenge! I chose you as my winner!
LookSee PRO+
LookSee April 22, 2015
Thanks, I'm honored. Most of all I'm glad this made you smile; that's what it was created for! :)
trainwoman Platinum
trainwoman April 22, 2015
What a great capture. Congratulations on your win.
chrisboshoff August 21, 2015
Brilliant, just brilliant. So nature also has it's off balanced moments. Wonder if the other seagull, is still squawking at that?
Roach1969 September 15, 2015
Great shot.... had a wee chuckle over this one :D Thank you for entering my challenge
Baumhaus January 30, 2016
:-))) Congratulations!
Nitka April 17, 2016
Ooooo..hahaha! Brilliant!
emacdonald February 05, 2017
good one!!!!
Bazz PRO+
Bazz June 05, 2018
LOL ... Great capture and edit! Made me laugh! Thank you for joining my "Favourite Photo" challenge! Good Luck!
1000WordsPhoto PRO+
1000WordsPhoto April 18, 2019
Perfect timing!
LookSee PRO+
LookSee April 18, 2019
Thanks... had to save the situation :)
eelcovanroden PRO+
eelcovanroden April 19, 2019
LOL, great shot, I see what you mean!
LookSee PRO+
LookSee April 19, 2019
Yes, thanks. Main thing, it makes you smile! :)
KristinaOers PRO+
KristinaOers February 02, 2020
LOL great photo and edit!!!
LookSee PRO+
LookSee February 02, 2020
Thanks! :)
rachmat_fadlin January 13, 2022
You bring smile through your creation. Mind to share how did you it?
LookSee PRO+
LookSee January 13, 2022
Thanks, and not at all. Read the BTL (Behind The Lens) meaning, click on the big green dot on the left side under the photo - all is described there already. ;)
DenaLynn66 January 31, 2022
Lol. I love it. This is an awesome shot. Maybe not for the bird lol.
LookSee PRO+
LookSee January 31, 2022
It was a joke, of course... but one of those that simply had to be made. Thanks for liking it! :)
Deb-Deb February 18, 2022
Hahahaha this is awesome! 😂😂😂
LookSee PRO+
LookSee February 18, 2022
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Behind The Lens

Photo, or rather both photos used for this one, were made in Ohrid harbor. The gull was standing just above the water, and the waves were coming in creating some nice crests and spray against the sunlight, although the Sun was pretty high. I was trying to guess when the wave will be hitting the rocks, and the gull was modeling nicely. The "Klutz" part is from another gull photographed in the air.
Mid-day, at 13:30 - not a very good light for photo taking, but what can you do? The opportunity was there and then, and photos have to be made!
A clear and bright winter day, with lots of direct and reflected sunlight. No other source was needed. For the added part, the "clumsy" gull, I used the selected and flipped part of another bird, photographed in flight.
The photo was made with Sony F-828, out of hand (both components), with no additional equipment. I was on other business on the location that day, no special shooting was planned, so I used what was available - and the camera is always along.
The scenes around water are always interesting, especially when the surface is moving, which is reason enough to take a lot of pictures. And then the bird was nicely modeling in contre-jour lighting, standing on a piece of broken transport pallet... To me, no more inspiration was needed. The combination of both gulls into this composite came later when I saw the other pictures that I have made that day. In some weird way, the idea of combining the parts to create this impossible scene came from the inclined board in the wave foam, which suggested an instability. The rest was sheer fun... :)
The "Klutz" bottom was cut from the underside of a flying gull, then flipped around and positioned at the right end of the "see-saw" imagined in the angle of the board. Connecting zone of the picture and the added part were then clone-masked by spray and foam cloned from other image parts, taking care not to reveal any pattern or repetition in the watery shapes. There was also another piece of wood supporting the standing gull and it was clone-removed in the similar fashion. In the end, the board looked really unstable, and thus the composite gained some "credibility". The finalized picture was afterwards treated with usual routine: color / light balance, de-noising, a tad of local sharpening, and the cropping. The title; I guess it kinda suggested itself, and I think it was latently present all of the time.
In my camera bag
Normally I would have a photo vest with its pockets tactically loaded with the "main" camera, some CPL and ND filters, and spare batteries. There will also be the second camera, which is always a point & shoot watertight model. If I am planning the shoot, I may take along a tripod - if not, I'll carry a ball-head camera clamp. This is another very light and practical item that I use to fasten the camera to virtually anything around if I need extra stability for long exposures or time-lapse shots With tripod, there will also be a weight bag (to fill with whatever is heavy and to hang under the tripod for added stability). A length of paracord-like string, a pocket knife and a lighter completes the minimal set of neccessities. Many things can be improvised with those.
Sometimes an idea for the final image will push you to take photos of possible components that you will need. At other times, the idea will present itself later, when you browse through your daily "catch". The more you shoot, the more variety you will collect. In turn, that means more to choose from, many kinds of segments to combine. So keep an open mind, see the fun in all the scenes you shoot, and don't be afraid to improvise! Most ideas come from improvisations.

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