Old Ohrid Street

Come and wander through the streets where houses on occasion happen to be built over them... Ohrid is an interesting city in so many ways! Come without a camera...
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Come and wander through the streets where houses on occasion happen to be built over them... Ohrid is an interesting city in so many ways! Come without a camera... and you'll be sorry... :)
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Behind The Lens

City of Ohrid (at NE coast of Lake Ohrid, Macedonia)
February afternoon, at 1711 hours.
Entirely natural lighting (daylight only), and quite a lucky hand-held shot, considering 1/8sec and f/2 @ ISO200
Camera used was my old Sony F-828, with no other gear used. This excellent camera has died on me in the meantime, and I'm still in mourning, although it was rather old. One of Sony's better models, with lots of useful features. Especially ergonomically, I think Sony should revive this model with contemporary electronics and firmware, but keeping the same manual zoom, double card slots, nightframing & night shots, and of course its big battery. If such a camera would become available, I'd probably be camping in front of the shop, waiting for it to open!
Walking the Ohrid streets, one has to expect inspiration at virtually every corner. This city has many elements of olden maritime towns known for autochtonous architecture, old cobblestone, harbor, hills topped with monasteries and fortresses, and of course, its 365 churches. All of this is combined with modern shops and social spaces for every taste. Let's not forget the impressive impact of local cuisine. So photographic and other inspirations would be no problem at any time there.
Photo was somewhat cropped, and shadowy places were lightened up a tad to show more detail, like in the darker places of the corridor. Otherwise, it is much like one would normally see it at that time of the day.
In my camera bag
I prefer a photo vest to a bag, and in one of its numerous pockets I usually take along another camera, which is usually compact and watertight, since there is always some water around. There will be the spares for both cameras; cards, batteries and maybe a set of ND filters and a CPL filter. One of the pockets will contain a camera clamp which I prefer to lugging a tripod, and use for fixing the camera to some of the surrounding objects (like fences, boards, even car doors, window frames, or pocket knife handle). Camera clamp is very practical, small and lightweight, takes up little space, and can be applied whenever one needs to make long exposure shots. Aside of photo gear, I like to have along a length of string, lighter or matches, and a sturdy pocket knife. You can improvise a lot with those things.
This is one hard question to answer, and if you are not after some specific scene but rather open to whatever comes in front of the lens, I think my choice of gear appears sensible. So have a camera that will cover your needs without much fuss (here I prefer bridge cameras to those with interchangeable lenses). Always be on the lookout for interesting themes in all ranges - from architecture thru macros of insects, and be ready to react with as little fumbling with the equipment as possible. Also, always carry a spare, and if it is also watertight, your choice of approachable themes will widen - all the way from shooting in the rain to, say, dunking the camera in the fountain pool to click at some decorative fishes! Above all: travel light to go far, improvise rather than burden yourself, be alert and ready for any theme at any time - and have a Good Light!

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