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Don't know about you, but to me this meal is very attractive.
The base may be spaghetti, macaroni or something similar. The crowning consists of gro...
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Don't know about you, but to me this meal is very attractive.
The base may be spaghetti, macaroni or something similar. The crowning consists of ground meat, add a squirt of ketchup and don't forget the grated Parmigiano cheese.
The main secret to the recipe is, always cook too much of any pasta, so you can have another plate... :)
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Winner in Your best pasta dish-spaghetti, lasagna; no humans Photo Challenge
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Joviaal PRO
Joviaal May 17, 2021
vsoare2001 May 22, 2021
Enjoy your meal! I choose cheese and sugar!
LookSee PRO+
LookSee May 23, 2021
Sweet version is good with grated walnuts and sugar, sure! No cheese... :)
JayneBug Platinum
JayneBug July 25, 2021
Yum! A favorite in our house!
LookSee PRO+
LookSee July 26, 2021
Like, brilliant cooks cook alike :D
kkat PRO
kkat November 14, 2021
Excellent! Thank you for entering it into my pasta challenge!
LookSee PRO+
LookSee November 14, 2021
My pleasure! :)
kkat PRO
kkat November 27, 2021
Congratulation you are the winner of my challenge!
LookSee PRO+
LookSee November 28, 2021
Thanks much! :)
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Behind The Lens

Photo was made on the home terrace, since we prefer being outside whenever the weather allows. So our lunch was out too!
Date/Time shows 18-Apr-21 16:55:00 ... It was a somewhat late lunch!
Here is all of it: Shutter Speed: 1/30 sec, f/2.8, ISO 500, 0.00 eV, Metering Mode: Pattern, Flash Off, Focal Length: 9 mm, White Balance: Auto. As simply as it gets!
Sony DSC-RX100M7, pointed vertically down on the plate, and the shot made quickly so as not to gather steam on the lens! Since it was outside, the ample daylight was enough. Shot out of hand, no added equipment.
I like pasta in all varieties, and since the camera (any camera) is always at hand, it was kind of reflex action. Besides, it looked joyfully interesting with parmigiano and homemade tomato "ketchup" (not quite ketchup, but better) sprinkled over the spaghetti. Inspirative enough!
The table under the plate was basically patterned black, so it just required some added darkening to remove the structure. The photo was tightly cropped to remove some items that didn't fit the idea, but that was all that needed to be done.
In my camera bag
For decades already I find it easier to carry a photo vest than any photo bag. So I load my photo vest with whatever I might need for my photo session, walk or trip. My photo bags usually stay home or in the car to keep the equipment I'm not using at the moment. The vest's many pockets usually contain two cameras, spare batteries, ND and CPL filters, and one small photo clamp instead of a tripod. Sometimes I'll include a small action camera, mainly for its wide field of view and resistance to water and weather. The vest has pockets for big lenses that can hold a small water bottle, a sandwich, or a bar of chocolate if I plan on being out for the whole day. I always add about three meters length of paracord or similar strong, thin rope, one hefty pocket knife, and a lighter. With these, much can be "mcgyvered" along the way, so that's all I need. Recently I make it even more comfortable for me, and take the essentials along in a waist pouch; a variable-volume McKinley. Simplicity and comfort; two best qualities for the most situations!
Same old but eternally valid advice: ALWAYS have a camera at hand! Interesting themes have a way of appearing when you least expect it, and that's why you always want to be ready - or you might be sorry, because many situations never appear again!

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