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chrisdav20 June 22, 2017
love it such a great shot.
dakoch September 16, 2017
Thank you Chris! This was a LOT of fun to capture!
Alfredo_Jose August 08, 2017
Excellent composition, very dramatic!
dakoch September 16, 2017
Alfredo, you are too kind! The tide was coming in, so every set of waves got bigger and closer. My wife was 100 feet behind us yelling "Be Careful!" while my daughter was right behind me watching for errant waves. It looks scarier than it was, but around the ocean, you can NEVER bee too careful!
kristieriggspierce September 08, 2017
absolutely beautiful
dakoch September 16, 2017
Our world is an amazing place!
AliAlzuhair September 08, 2017
Amazing work!
dakoch September 16, 2017
You are very kind Ali! Thank you!
Alwolfe September 08, 2017
Stunning photo!
dakoch September 16, 2017
It is an stunnignplace- Go to Oregon!
Neckbone September 08, 2017
Beautiful scene and capture!
dakoch September 16, 2017
Got real lucky!
Bob_Ellis September 16, 2017
Exquisite! Very dramatic
dakoch September 17, 2017
Thank you Bob!
Merlot September 24, 2017
Great gallery with beautiful images
Darrell-Francis September 27, 2017
excellent photo's all around.
dakoch September 27, 2017
Thank you Darrell
paragvn October 02, 2017
dakoch October 02, 2017
Thank you Paragvn...
Matt86 October 15, 2017
wow great shot
dakoch October 15, 2017
Hey Matt! Thank you- it is a COOL place!
Byronfairphotography December 06, 2017
Beautiful long exposure / Voted
dakoch December 07, 2017
Thank you Byron!
hernanifaderagao January 29, 2018
Beautiful shot..
dakoch January 29, 2018
Its a real cool place!
vesscooks March 01, 2018
dakoch March 01, 2018
Thanks!?????? :)
marcbaechtold May 14, 2018
cool photograph with nice details and good contrasts, keep shooting!
dakoch May 14, 2018
Thank you Marc!
Jlbrock831 Aug 05
dakoch Aug 05
Thank you I appreciate it!

Thor's Well

Located at Cape Perpetua Thor's Well is a bowl-shaped hole that is the result of a collapsed sea cave. At high tide, the bowl fills up and sprays sea water...
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Located at Cape Perpetua Thor's Well is a bowl-shaped hole that is the result of a collapsed sea cave. At high tide, the bowl fills up and sprays sea water everywhere- and then the sea sucks it all back down and out into the ocean again. As you can see, the surf was pretty high, so I did not get too close to the opening.

Nikon D810 ISO31 ƒ/22 1.6sec 17mm © 2017
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Behind The Lens

This is at Cape Perpetua on the Oregon coast. It is a BIT of a hike.... but not bad. It is not just a matter of getting there- you have to time it right. Too early, and the water does not even come up..... too late and the hole is completely flooded. You want to be there on a rising tide, with the tide about 2/3 of the way in for best results.
Time of day is dictated by the tides. Ideally, you want to get it at sunset.... but the well is so photogenic on it's own, you dont really NEED a sunset. Like most any landscape, its just a matter of getting lucky. This specific image is good, but not lucky; I have been back since and gotten better backgrounds....
Again, just get lucky. I would say, as a matter of encouragement, I see too many photographers get somewhere and the sky is socked in or something, so they give up and walk away. DON'T! So many of my best pictures I thought has horrible skies, but I did not give up and ended up with something spectacular. And if you don't, work what you get into what you shoot. Don't like the sky, THEN DON'T SHOOT IT!!!! Don't walk away... re-eval;uate your shot!
Tripod is a must. A remote wouldn't hurt. Wide angle required.... I shot at 17mm. Since you wuill probably want to smear the water, you will also need a polarizer, ND, or big stopper to cut the light and drag the shutter..
I just look for what I consider to be the best comp and try and shoot that. You can't always tell from the viewfinder.... so always good to shoot a few different comps to get the final.
This was (as I recall) three images merged. I liked the shape of different exposures so I combined what I liked the best into the master image. Chroma is probably a little to hot for my current tastes....
In my camera bag
I keep a couple bags for different uses. This was my FF bag, which has a D810, a 15-30, a 70-200 and a 24-70 in it. RRS mount and ball head. wireless remote. I used a wide (140mm) poolarizer.
First, check the tide tables. Plan on spending an hour here, longer if you want. Shoot a LOT- time exposures all vary, and you will want as many options as you can get! Take your time and enjoy this coastline, it is one of the great pleasures in life!

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