Multnomah Falls

From Oregon.... late in the afternoon. Was able to catch some of the golden light at the summit, and great reflected light all the way down.

A thre...
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From Oregon.... late in the afternoon. Was able to catch some of the golden light at the summit, and great reflected light all the way down.

A three-image vertical panorama.

D-810 ISO 32 27mm 1-2 sec f-22 3 image
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24 Comments | Report
Alfredo_Jose May 31, 2018
Beautiful photograph!
DaveKochPhoto May 31, 2018
Thank you Alfredo my friend! :)
aqi85 May 31, 2018
Wow 😮 where is this place?awesome photography
DaveKochPhoto May 31, 2018
Thank you for your kind words! :) It is about thiry miles east of Portland Oregon.... probably one of the easiest waterfalls of this magniotiude to get to!
StuckInMotionPhotography June 01, 2018
This shot is beautiful!
DaveKochPhoto June 01, 2018
Thank you very much!
6798_7587 June 01, 2018
DaveKochPhoto June 01, 2018
It is a great place to go!
TomasTar PRO+
TomasTar June 01, 2018
DaveKochPhoto June 01, 2018
Thanks Tomas!
RamyDelariarte June 13, 2018
DaveKochPhoto June 13, 2018
Thank you Ramy!
speterson6 July 01, 2018
Amazingly beautiful and dramatic scene....Love it!!
DaveKochPhoto July 02, 2018
YOu are very kind- Thank You!
juliemaeshank July 02, 2018
My most favorite falls since I can remember. Interesting composite.
DaveKochPhoto July 02, 2018
So glad it survived the fires last year!
Annie_McFar July 08, 2018
Oregon's hidden gem! Beautiful.
DaveKochPhoto July 08, 2018
Not very hidden! I was suprised how easily accessible it was!
MaryMarie July 09, 2018
Beautiful!!!! A get loston in your thoughts photo!!!!
DaveKochPhoto July 16, 2018
Thank you MaryMarie- It is a beautiful, very special place!
Mary18 July 11, 2018
Cool photo!
DaveKochPhoto July 16, 2018
Thank you Mary!
hermanrobertsonjr October 31, 2018
Awesome shot! We went there last year! Amazing site! The restaurant at the bottom was awesome also!
DaveKochPhoto November 01, 2018
Sure is a great place! I think we just got coffee there, but we needed it- our fingers were frozen!
jewelwright February 07, 2019
😮 breathtakingly beautiful!!
DaveKochPhoto February 07, 2019
Thank you Jewel! :)
twinborg February 20, 2019
I live here in portland, I have taken many photos here, but i have never got the light just right. you did an excellent job
DaveKochPhoto February 20, 2019
@Twinborg- you know what/ Thank you! That means a LOT to me... Thanks!
robertmcdill Ultimate
robertmcdill August 03, 2019
Just read your article on how to win contests. I saw this photo and realized very quickly why it stands out over the 100's of this image I've seen. The lighting at the top is magic to me. Great image and article.
sieraroseycheeks March 18, 2020
Is this Multnomah Falls? i live in Portland. I see by the other messages now that it is Multnomah Falls- this is bar none the best photograph of the falls I've ever seen before, & I've seen many of them. Excellent, excellent work.
DaveKochPhoto March 19, 2020
Wow thank you very much. Just curious if you know why you think it is better?
CHazlett March 24, 2020
Wow! So gorgeous! My parents live in Albany!
DaveKochPhoto March 25, 2020
Thank you!
clintfisher April 28, 2020
OH MY!!!! That's an awesome shot!!!
DaveKochPhoto April 29, 2020
You are very kind Clint- thanks!
a2h2 PRO
a2h2 February 10, 2021
I know where that is
pamelawinter PRO+
pamelawinter March 04, 2021
Hi Dave. I read your BTL on this and I agree, it's a postcard shot of my beloved Multnomah Falls. However, you captured it very nicely. My question... Did you change the alignment of the falls in post processing? I've never gotten them to line up vertically like this.
DaveKochPhoto March 07, 2021
I did not. I wwent pretty far top the right to do that.... not in the normal place people shoot.... (I Think!)
audreyvelasco November 10, 2021
Love the PNW! Great Shot
LindaJC March 31, 2022
Scary beautiful.
Sedona613 PRO+
Sedona613 April 04, 2022
Loved Oregon
dianaeselin_5241 PRO+
dianaeselin_5241 June 19, 2022
Well Done!!
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Behind The Lens

This is probably the premier waterfall (among many great falls) in Oregon. I had no idea it was so accessible.... you literally roll out of your car and walk right up to this great fall. Obviously a vertical subject, so I shot it at a three-image vertical pano.
Probably between 3 and 4 pm.... the summit shows some gold, but the falls are in such deep shadow that even mid day I would think you would see gold light when you adjust for the shadows.
This is all natural light. Exposure was set for the shadows (as was white balance).
This was shot with a D-810 on a solid set of sticks. I think this would have been a geared head, though it could have been my RRS... both are syuper solid. Remote trigger.
Honestly, I am not super hot on this picture. It is an image everyone takes, and there is nothing new in my version of it. There really are not many options for this place... there is a trail up to the falls, and perhaps I could have gone there for something different. And maybe I will. But this is just the same old same old that everyone takes.
Obviously I needed to paste the component images together- just used Lightroom (or Photoshop) to handle that job. Didn't really take notes on what I did, did not seem like too important an image to me.... just a snapshot really. Looking at it, I would say I did the normal contrast and color adjustments in Lr.... probably boosted the greens some, too. I KNOW I needed to Ps out people on the bridge... and probably some sticks and leaves I found distracting in the image.
In my camera bag
I cover this in a lot of my other posts.... suffice to say I usually run two rigs, a FF and a crop sensor. I keep at least two tripods with me always, and all have the arca-swiss mount so I can use whatever I want on it. I use FF lenses so they are all interchangable...
Take your time. Get the ISO low and the f-stop high. You NEED that blur!

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