Turret Arch

Arches National Park is a pretty popular park. Tourist can- and do- climb all over beneath and around them. All the time. Millions of them. And they do it just ...
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Arches National Park is a pretty popular park. Tourist can- and do- climb all over beneath and around them. All the time. Millions of them. And they do it just to ruin my pictures.

More: http:--buff.ly-2mJTbFS

Nikon D810 ISO64 ƒ-16 1-80 24mm
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Sdonion Ultimate
Sdonion September 29, 2017
Beautiful shot. I loved your description. Hilarious but so true!!
DaveKochPhoto September 29, 2017
Youve been there too, then! :)
brianmerry April 07, 2018
DaveKochPhoto April 09, 2018
Thank you Brian!
Neckbone May 04, 2018
It does take patience at a public park, but I see you did a fine job getting the people out. Beautiful place, nice capture!
DaveKochPhoto May 05, 2018
Yes it does, and perhaps I played that up a bit. I really am not that big a jerk (I hope!)
marcbaechtold May 13, 2018
great composition with nice colors and good contrast, keep shooting!
DaveKochPhoto May 13, 2018
Thank you Marc!
MrFiveK May 06, 2020
I have a similar shot check mine. I like yours too.
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Behind The Lens

This is from Arches National Park. It is sort of a famous photo in that a lot of people take it. It is not original to me at all. You do have to work to get this. The parking lot here is over toward Turret Arch, and then to the right and down hill a few 100 yards. The trail to this spot is not readily appearent, but some quick sleuthing will turn it up. Or you can just hike straight through North Window, but you better be good at rock climbing! Regardless, there is a scramble up a fairly steep rock up to a thin ledge. The biggest problem is waiting for people to get out of your shot- people love to stand up there in the arch!
This was early afternoon- not the best time of day for this shot. I ahve since gone back and shot a few other times of day. This is NOT what I would recommend!
Yeah- this lighting is horrible. I much prefer dawn.
Tripod is a must. I used a Nikon D-810, but any decent camera would be fine. Ultra wide is also a must.
Well I have seen other versions of this, and wanted to try my hand at it. There is not a whole lot of creativity involved- you either shoot from this one vantage point, or you dont, so pretty much everything will look like this there (Sorta like Mesa Arch or Dead Horse). Your time of day and the light will be the real variables here. Of the 4-5 images I ahve of this view, this is my totally least favorite. Since this is only 4 hours from home, I can refine it, and get a few types of light at various times. Plus, even if you get a flat image like this, the experience of going is tots worth it. The view to the left while standing here is great (but not really photogenic). So if you have the time make the effort and go to this point, but dont expect anything much different unless you get killer light.
Standard Lr and Ps I think. I have done this a few times as a panorama, not sure if this was one of those times....
In my camera bag
For this, tripod camera and a wide angle. Remote release if you got it. The ledge up there is not so big, so a camera bag is an unneeded extravagance...
Go at dawn or sunset for good light. Also less people then!

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