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Old Shoes

Tying her shoes before the dance. The more you dance, the faster your Pointe Shoes start to look like this.

Nikon D300s 50mm 1-4000 ƒ-1.8...
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Tying her shoes before the dance. The more you dance, the faster your Pointe Shoes start to look like this.

Nikon D300s 50mm 1-4000 ƒ-1.8
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timkent January 10, 2017
Magnificent shot. Love the detailed subject and the soft bokeh. Outstanding selection of aperture and shutter speed,
sweetpea72 December 30, 2017
Love this..Congrats! シ
DaveKochPhoto PRO+
DaveKochPhoto December 30, 2017
Thanks Sweet[pea! This was my first experiment with a 1.8 f/stop!
jeanettesugar PRO
jeanettesugar May 28, 2018
Great capture
Lchend October 01, 2019
Love this!
DaveKochPhoto PRO+
DaveKochPhoto October 02, 2019
Thank you! :)
texaaronpueschel PRO+
texaaronpueschel November 30, 2020
This is a very creative shot and engle. Thanks for sharing it. A few year I was at a tribal celebration. I wanted to enjoy taking pcitgurfes, but also respect the wishes of the tribal members. I attempted to shoot interesting shots without necessarily shooting their faces. I didn't succeed. This shot gave me an idea.

Behind The Lens

Hey! This was downtown in Salt Lake. The interesting (to me!) pattern is a non-skid surface for the entry into the TRAX, SLC's metro trains. You can see the yellow warning line to the left. I chose this position because my whole process here was to test and shoot with a new 50mm 1.8, so I wanted to see a LOT of depth. By being right at the edge of the TRAX ramp, we had 30-50 feet from the subject to the BG, so I KNEW I would see a lot of soft focus. I think we shot 10-15 images in this seqyuence.... and then the transit cops kicked us out...
This was day... not really a specific time (I can't remember!). I would have posed the main focus of the image (the top of the foot, in this case!) to the key light, and let the shadows fall. In this image, shadows don't much matter or distract. No need for flash or reflected fill....
Just main focus to the key light, in this case, the sun. Camera needs to be at an angle to that to get interesting shadows and modeling.
I shot this with my Nikon D300s- which my daughter has now inherited. Its a GREAT camera, and great to learn on. I have shot a lot iof some of my favorite pictures on it. The lens (as I mentioned!) is a Nikon 50mm ƒ/1.8... and my whole point here was to shoot at 1.8 and see how it works. With such a LOW f/stop I naturally had to use a super fast shutter... 1/4000
Working with depth of field. Wanted to see SUPER sharp in focus, and just have that leap off the BG... Sorta like it turned out! I love seeing the stitching and the weave of the silk so sharp...
Very little.... Just your basic adjustments in the Light rooms....
In my camera bag
This is not a lens I normally carry... I consider it a specialty lens. Its small and light, so it's easy to pop into one of my kits.... but its not a regular carry item.
Best advise: Just get out there and do it! This is not hard to get....

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