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On a Wing and a Prayer





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sundowngaited PRO+
sundowngaited May 07
wow! spectacular
irostap PRO
irostap Jul 03
My congrats! Great shot!!! Bravo!!!!
Lorzee Platinum
Lorzee Jul 03
Spectacular shot!
thomasdanyluk Platinum
thomasdanyluk Jul 03
Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments.
Hammerdad PRO
Hammerdad Jul 06
Stunning Perspective pretty damn jealous
vladimirvasilyev Platinum
Rmay1 Jul 12
Congratulations on winning monthly pro-photo contest.
AnnHopta PRO+
AnnHopta Nov 14
Unique capture! Great job!
mslyonsphotography Platinum
Great Capture!!
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Behind The Lens

I took the photo at an airshow at Windsor Ontario Canada.
This is one of my favorites, the photo was taken near the end of the show when dusk was near.
The lighting depends on the day so I usually will leave my ISO on automatic and adjust my camera settings as needed.
Nikon D300, Lens Nikon 70-200, Aperture 11, ISO 400, Shutter 500, Focal Length 200
I just thought it was a great moment to capture the courage without fear of this woman standing on an airplanes wing doing acrobats.
I did, using Photoshop, Topaz Labs and Skylum Neo. I cropped the photo with Photoshop, and did some sharpening with Topaz labs. I then put the photo through Skylum Neo for the final stages of my editing.
In my camera bag
Cameras D300 and D750. Lens from 10mm to 600mm consists of 4 lens. 3 chargers for camera batteries and flash batteries, flash and lens cleaners, gray card, plastic bag for covering the equipment during rain, several memory cards, tripod attached to the outer side of my bag etc.
Learn how to pan your subject, adjust your settings for the prop action, a good lens, stay focused on the main subject, prop action, lower your shutter speed for prop action and for jets you don't have to worry about prop action obviously so raise the shutter speed and have a camera that can shoot at least 5 frames a second plus practice,practice,practice.

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