Into The Fog

One perfect grayday to enjoy in this simple scene.
It seemed logical to manipulate it a bit, so as to de-track reality into something that people imagine...
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One perfect grayday to enjoy in this simple scene.
It seemed logical to manipulate it a bit, so as to de-track reality into something that people imagine when they think about the ultimate theme.
Perhaps there are also some which have already seen it... wonder how similar...
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People's Choice in Architecturing the vision Photo Challenge
Superb Composition
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allanvenables kdbeatty75 thatunicorngal mahamilton williamsfw2427 EricKoth MiroslavKral +3
Outstanding Creativity
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Absolute Masterpiece
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trainwoman PRO
trainwoman December 11, 2016
Up OR out????? Nice illusion
MiroslavKral October 24, 2017
Congratulation ... good illusion.
LookSee October 24, 2017
Thanky... One day everything will be built this way... :)

Behind The Lens

This pier (or the main part of it) is in Radozda Village on the western shore of Lake Ohrid, Macedonia.
November 25th, 14:27:18 hours
A beautiful, slightly misty winter day with its shadowless light. You could regard it as a kind of omnidirectional daylight.
Nikon Coolpix P610, no extra add-ons whatsoever. Elements: 1/400 sec, f4, ISO100, 0.00eV, 8.1mm
There was a certain harmony of hues over the shingle, concrete pier, and the foggy distances, all of those suggesting an unearthly lack of warmth. So the idea to extrude the jetty as far as the eye can see was in accord with the thought of being able to walk out... over the endless waters and maybe out of this world. All that without a trace of being, or suggesting, anything depressive... Think of it as a curiosity. Something like perhaps a cat might feel...
The manipulation of the original shot was conceptually simple, and also fun to do. First I selected the part of the pier, copied and pasted it with reducement in size, so as to fit at the end of the actual pier. I just had to be careful about respecting the angle of the converging lines. This was done some more times, and then it only needed corrections at connecting points, so the joint pieces wouldn't show a telltale repeating pattern. Finally I slightly blurred and "bleached" the far end, blending it into the fog. End of job.
In my camera bag
I prefer a photo vest to any photo bag. I find this more practical since its many pockets let me better organize my gear. Also, the weight over my not-so-young shoulders is more symmetrically distributed. I'll take along two cameras; the "main" one (usually a prosumer), and the "spare" (usually a watertight camera, or an action cam in its casing). There will be a camera clamp, which is more practical to carry than a tripod.There will be spare batteries, some NDs and a CPL filter, a pocket knife, a length of paracord, and a lighter or matches. For the whole day outing, one long-lens pocket will hold a sandwich or a bar of chocolate, the other one a small water bottle. The large back compartment may contain a flatly folded rain poncho, which covers it all if the weather plays up. Simple components let me improvise whatever I need, rather than burdening myself with lots of maybes. That's the idea. Of course, there may be a tripod in the boot of the car, or a set of dry clothing, a warm windjacket, or spare sneakers... it depends. :)
Whenever you feel the urge to make some special photo, try and remember the first impulse thought that made you decide to shoot. Most often this thought will be your motivation for any post-processing tweaks and changes, or just a perfect image title. Even better: if your camera lets you record a few seconds of sound with the photo, simply say it, and the record will be placed in the "Misc" folder on your memory card. The sound file, normally titled the same as the corresponding image, will remind you later...

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