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Fallen Tree in a Color Glade

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A beautiful glade filled with fall color along the Alpine Loop in American Fork Canyon.

D500 18mm ISO100 f11 3"

A beautiful glade filled with fall color along the Alpine Loop in American Fork Canyon.

D500 18mm ISO100 f11 3"
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eelcovanroden PRO+
eelcovanroden January 11, 2017
Congratulations on your wonderful People's Choice Challenge Win!
DaveKochPhoto January 11, 2017
Thank you- quite the surprise!
tmtburke PRO+
tmtburke January 11, 2017
Congratulations, great image.
DaveKochPhoto January 11, 2017
Thanks! It was a very fun shoot!
Hamburgensie January 11, 2017
Congratulations! Love the colors
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Behind The Lens


There is a favorite drive among anyone who has lived in the Salt Lake valley very long- the "Alpine Loop." This goes from American Fork in the north, past the Mount Timpangogas Cave, around rivers, up to high alpine meadows, then down the other side into Aspen groves, past Robert Redford's Sundance resort to the Provo River and into the backside of Orem. For two or three very special weeks in late fall, this is the best place to see the autumn colors in Utah. I probably spend every afternoon I can during this short interval up the canyon shooting portraits. Landscapes like these are something you want to take advantage of. So last year, while shooting one young lady, I happened upon a trail I had never wandered down before. I took a quick walk, and I found my secret fairyland of color. It was not appropriate to the shoot I was doing, but I came back two days later with my wife... just to shoot the colors. My secret glade was our first stop, and one of our most prolific. It was magical and beautiful.


This is so deep in the woods, and so covered with canopy, that time of day hardly matters. Lighting is almost always indirect here, which helps bring out the color. Mist might help, but then it might mute the color, too. Suffice to say anytime you are here is a good time.


The soft, diffuse natural light filtering down from the canopy was all I needed here.


This was shot with my D500 crop censor with an 18mm lens, so figure about 36mm apparent. For landscape, depth of field and low noise are paramount, so I set the ISO as low as I could- 100, and my favorite ƒ-stop of ƒ/11. The shutter just fell in from that at 3 seconds. Of course, a tripod was used, as was a remote release for the shutter. Had there been a wind, I might have changed this up some.


This is ALL about the leading line of the main tree. And the color.


I did minimal clean up in lightroom- some sharpening and lens correction. The angle of the shot (nopt being square to the subject) brings in some distortion, but I am ok with that. Sort of like it in this piece. I always adjust contrast because I like good blacks. I wanted the yellows in the BG to pop more, but I could not get that without killing the greens....

In my camera bag

It really depends on what I am after. I move things in and out depending on what I shoot and where I am going. I probably had a couple zooms (wide and tele), a 35 and 50 prime with me this day. Maybe one flash- no more. But I would for sure have packed my remote and a spare battery. And I always keep 3 blank cards.


Shoot, shoot and shoot. When you think you have sot it, go back and look again. Take all the time you need, and make sure you please yourself!

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