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The Great Pretender

The bird appears quite familiar with "life on stage", and the scene has created a lightning-fast association that I used for a title... ...
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The bird appears quite familiar with "life on stage", and the scene has created a lightning-fast association that I used for a title...
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Winner in Pigeons or doves in the city Photo Challenge
Top Choice
JayneBug thatunicorngal marylipkovitchsmithpoore eelcovanroden debbie937 abhijeetmohanty pietnel +11
Superb Composition
sigridbh skelly FredThom jasongreen Dave_Carnahan vincentdovey IncrediAnn +9
Absolute Masterpiece
VLJ_PHOTOGRAPHY gman176 larryollivier BiseraI terrinicholson monicadelcolladomiller jasonthompson_9304 +8
Peer Award
kennyhimes jennifercopeland didijanssen LettevY heidivandijk Miguel_A_Lera Jamescalvert +5
Outstanding Creativity
aliasadi109 Gypzy ToniD davidyack Whitehorse_Images
Magnificent Capture
JePePhoto Joviaal douglasunger mantra88 kellycoventry
Superior Skill
barbaranelson leetomkow Sheri_Stanley
All Star
skeem125 Hugh777


gman176 Joviaal


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trainwoman PRO+
trainwoman May 15, 2015
Lovely little fan dance.
Grtruck April 07, 2016
Lol this bird has personality
eelcovanroden PRO+
eelcovanroden November 04, 2019
Wonderful, what a pose, beautiful composition and POV!
LookSee PRO
LookSee November 04, 2019
Thanks! :)
eelcovanroden PRO+
eelcovanroden December 19, 2019
Congratulations on winning my Challenge, an outstanding photo!
LookSee PRO
LookSee December 19, 2019
Thank you - much appreciated! :)
sigridbh PRO+
sigridbh December 19, 2019
Congratulations on your challenge win for this astounding pigeon!
LookSee PRO
LookSee December 19, 2019
Joviaal PRO
Joviaal December 21, 2019
Congratulations on your win with this proud looking pigeon. Great capture!
LookSee PRO
LookSee December 21, 2019
Thanks, I'm glad you like it.

Behind The Lens

Photo was made in our local park which is also a beach and a restaurant along the Lake Ohrid shore. The managers there used to raise these beauties.
30-May-12 18:33:33, as Exif says...
Daylight only - nothing else was required.
My camera was a SONY F-828, which used to be my go-to model for all themes, save underwater... I shot this photo out of hand, with no add-ons.
White pigeons preening and strutting everywhere... that surely was inspiration enough! Some of those were tame enough to allow relatively close approach, so my wife and me have made a lot of photos, with almost 90% of those worth keeping.
Not much of post-processing was needed, save some cropping for better re-framing. You might say this was a SOOC if it was't for this, and also re-sizing for upload.
In my camera bag
It's easier for me to carry a photo vest than any photo bag. So I load my photo vest with whatever I might need for my photo session, walk or trip, while my photo bags usually keep the equipment I'm not using at the moment. The vest's many pockets usually contain two cameras, spare batteries, ND and CPL filters, and one photo clamp standing in for a tripod. Recently I include a small action camera, mainly for its wide field of view and resistance to water and weather. The vest also has large-lens pockets that contain a small water bottle, sandwich, or a bar of chocolate if I plan on being out for the whole day. There is about three meters length of paracord or similar strong, thin rope, one hefty pocket knife, and a lighter. My smartphone comes along too. It has yet another spare camera, but more importantly the Spirit Level App wich I use to make the phone a perfectly horizontal surface under my camera. This is essential for panoramic sweeps. The app is free, and requires no extra permissions whatsoever. The large back pocket of the vest is reserved for a lightweight rain poncho. If the weather suddenly plays up, the poncho neatly covers all. Using the tools mentioned above, much can be improvised along the way, so that's all I need to make ph
If ever you find yourself surrounded by beautiful birds, you better hope your camera is well able to instanty react to all aspects of the experience - from wide and all-encompassing vistas thru portraits. A strong zoom capability is a must. Otherwise, walk slowly so as not to alarm the flock, shoot a lot, and look for any special behavior, especially if the birds are in their courting and mating ritual. In any case, enjoy - and have a Good Light!

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