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Tavern Fireplace

Coming in after the walk in the snow, such feature in a tavern sure will make you stay longer...

Coming in after the walk in the snow, such feature in a tavern sure will make you stay longer...
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1Ernesto January 13, 2015
Great fireplace - wonderfully warm photo and I'm sure the greatest of beer
LookSee PRO
LookSee January 13, 2015
Beer, sure, but there is something even better, especially in wintertime! There is this thing called Istarska supa (translates as Istrian soup). It's a concoction of Teran (very aromatic dark red wine), a measure of olive oil, and small fried cubes of bread. It is served warm in "bukaleti" which are wooden vessels for liquid - sized from half a litre to more than three liters, it is in the same time beautiful and tasty, as the wood adds an aroma to the soup.

Behind The Lens

Photo was made the smallest Croatian town, named Hum, in Istra. There is this one tavern, very comfy and well-known for its special recipes and comfy, homey atmosphere. A must-go for every visitor to Istra...
Date/Time Original is 11-Jan-09 11:53:35, says the Exif.
All of the tchnical data: Shutter Speed 1/8 s, f/2.9, ISO 400, 0.00 eV, Metering Mode: Pattern, Flash Off, Focal Length 4.92 mm.
My camera that day was an Olympus superzoom, SP570UZ, and it was used out of hand; no added gear.
I started shooting the very moment I entered the place - it was so full of views, themes, and atmosphere! And I continued to shoot even during the ordering. I guess it says enough about the motivation. But as with everything else, it would be best to see it with you own eyes to believe. I am sure you would behave the same way! The tavern owners, they would be happy about it, since they understand the value of mouth-to-mouth advertising...
The photo required some lightening of the darker shadows, and a slight re-crop. Nothing else was needed.
In my camera bag
I find it easier to carry a photo vest than any photo bag. So I load my photo vest with whatever I might need for my photo session, walk or trip, while my photo bags usually keep the equipment I'm not using at the moment. The vest's many pockets usually contain two cameras, spare batteries, ND and CPL filters, and one photo clamp standing in for a tripod. Recently I tend to include a small action camera, mainly for its wide field of view and resistance to water and weather. The vest also has large-lens pockets that contain a small water bottle, sandwich, or a bar of chocolate if I plan on being out for the whole day. There is about three meters length of paracord or similar strong, thin rope, one hefty pocket knife, and a lighter. My smartphone comes along too. It has yet another spare camera, but more importantly the Spirit Level App wich I use to make the phone a perfectly horizontal surface under my camera. This is essential for panoramic sweeps. The app is free, and requires no extra permissions whatsoever. The large back pocket of the vest is reserved for a lightweight rain poncho. If the weather suddenly plays up, the poncho neatly covers all. Using the tools mentioned above, much can be improvised along the way, so that's all I need to make photos.
React to your first impression and continue from there! In Croatia you would probably wish to ask the innkeeper whether they have anything against photographing, but most would look at your enthusiasm with sympathy, so you'd be free to move from theme to theme with no questions asked. If you have some small spare memory card, offer some photos for their use if you will. They'll be delighted! And enjoy!

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