The Perfect Storm

An amazing storm carves a path of lightning through Queensland Australia 6th Nov 2014.

An amazing storm carves a path of lightning through Queensland Australia 6th Nov 2014.
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Capture-Life November 09, 2014
WOWZA!! Most incredible !!! :):):)
Inspire4More November 10, 2014
Awesome love this I have been out today trying to capture lightning to no avail :( WA storm full of thunder and not much else!! Will vote!
AlanJakarta PRO+
AlanJakarta February 04, 2015
Superb capture. Congratulations on being Featured.
Remraf February 04, 2015
Great shot!
RhondaMcD February 04, 2015
Stunning capture and use of colour and light. Congratulations.
sxsvexen PRO
sxsvexen February 04, 2015
Great capture!!! Congrats!
tetvet PRO+
tetvet February 04, 2015
nice timing, great shot, congrats
marlenedanna February 04, 2015
molto impresionante
Crocrocphoto February 04, 2015
Fantasticly captured
sweetpea72 PRO
sweetpea72 February 04, 2015
absolutely amazing..Congrats! ")
toml721 PRO
toml721 February 04, 2015
lightening is always a cool photo. Great capture :))
Capture-Life February 04, 2015
CONGRATS! still it's absolutely ahhhmazing!! (:
isstoossay PRO
isstoossay February 04, 2015
chuckrickman Premium
chuckrickman February 04, 2015
Brilliant capture. Congrats on being featured. Well deserved.
kanizkhan February 04, 2015
Incredible shot
InnateArtist PRO+
InnateArtist February 04, 2015
Fabulous Capture!
rajeemaru February 04, 2015
Good capture
MaryAnne306 PRO+
MaryAnne306 February 04, 2015
Spectacular! Congratulations on being featured.
SuzyH February 07, 2015
tishsharp Premium
tishsharp March 05, 2015
Awesome shot Bobby. Glad I finally found you on here. :)
chriswhittington April 10, 2015
wow !!
kanizkhan April 22, 2015
Fantastic shot.
adifloyde July 22, 2015
Lovely shot it's a shame about the watermark
LaurieS PRO+
LaurieS July 22, 2015
I just love storm photos, this is amazing
naomiwomack July 31, 2015
Great photo
seanfarkas September 02, 2015
RosaDawn September 11, 2016
what an incredible shot! this shows nature's true power!
gman176 Sep 27
Amazing capture!

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Behind The Lens

This image was capture just outside of Amberly Air Base in Queensland Australia.
The storm came through around 4-5 O'Clock in the afternoon after a typically hot and humid day.
This lightning was extremely dangerous. Almost every lightning strike was a CG or Cloud to Ground. That made capturing images very dangerous and difficult. The dry dead grass also meant small grass fires were started but didn't last long as not long after this image the area was declared drought striken.
I used a Nikon D7100 with a Tamron 10-24mm Wide angle lens. I also ran a standar wireless Pixel Oppilas remote as it allowed me to stay beside the car for safety. And it was all placed on a Sirix Digital MAX3550 tripod.
I have a pashion and love for all types of weather. But by far my main love is storm photography. The sheer beauty and power mixed with the respect and danger it carries is an amazing thing. No storm is ever the same and no storm every creates the same shot. Every single time you will get that never repeated shot.
With this one i wanted to leave it mostly raw and how it was seen. Even the dirt hitting the lens from the outflow wind's. I lowered the brightness just a tad to prevent the image blowing out as the lightning can be bright. I think something so powerful and raw speak's for itself.
In my camera bag
On any given day I carry a Nikon D7100 and D5200. I carry three lenses. 1- A Tamron 10-24mm wide angle lens. 2- A Nikon 55-300mm lens and 3- a stock standard Nikon 18-55mm lens. I also have a Patchmaster Lightning trigger for severe and dangerous situations where leaving the car would be too risky. A Pixel Oppilas wireless remote. And a mix of ND8 residual filters and cleaning clothes.
I would suggest you watch your ISO very careful. Lightning can be extremely bright compared to the foreground and it can be easy to blow out an image. Iso-100 to 400 is normally fine for any occassion. Also remember to auto focus if need be and then switchto manual focus. Now you can take shot after shot without missing anything as the lens won't need to refocus inbetween shot's. And the most important thing is know your exit plan and know the limit's. Lightning can travel kilometer's or Miles from the storm cloud and strike a location yet to be under the storm system itself. These are normally referred to as clear air bolt's. So stay safe, undercover and alway be ready to leave. Long lenses can put you in the action without risking your life. So a 300mm is a great companion in lightning shot's.

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