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Highliner I

Model and styling Carolyn Lacasse
Photography and editing Marc-André Riopel
Concept ArtMood Visualz

Model and styling Carolyn Lacasse
Photography and editing Marc-André Riopel
Concept ArtMood Visualz
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keepclicking June 13, 2020
Clever work
ArtMoodVisualz Platinum
ArtMoodVisualz June 16, 2020
Thank you very much! 🙏😊
normg123 PRO+
normg123 July 18, 2020
Everything about this is perfect. I really enjoy your gallery. I can
see that a lot of thinking goes into your pictures.
ArtMoodVisualz Platinum
ArtMoodVisualz July 19, 2020
Thank you so much, we truly appreciate your comment. 🤩 We actually work very hard and prepare each and every concept with a lot of care. 😊
rogerzumstein October 19, 2020
To whom it may concern,\n\n\nFirst i woukd like to point out that i love your work.\n\n\nI'm an aspiring amateur photographer from Switzerland and participate in competitions on s.\n\n\nLately i foind one of tures \"yellow sailorgirl\" in one of the competitions feom a competitor feom India (lenzsation_by_sourav) who insists it would be his own work.\n\n\nThank you for taking note and wish you much success.\n\n\nKind regards\n\nRoger Zumstein\n
tongant Platinum
tongant December 18, 2020
A wonderful photo!
ArtMoodVisualz Platinum
ArtMoodVisualz December 19, 2020
Thanks a lot! 😃✨
normg123 PRO+
normg123 August 01, 2022
Amazing, like almost every one of your images.
pollypanda2000 October 02, 2022
Very cool. So much yellow, yet you don't loose detail. Great job!
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Behind The Lens

We took this photo in our own kitchen since it did not require a lot of space.
It was early in the morning, as we love starting our day with a creative photo project! We had installed many yellow cardboards on one of the kitchen's wall, which would be merged together during the editing part, done by Marc-André, the photographer and retoucher of our duo. For the table, we had placed a yellow self-adhesive vinyl on our kitchen table to meet the needs of the concept, its glossy appearance allowing us to have a nice smooth surface where the young fisherwoman and her fish would reflect. Carolyn, the model of our artistic duo, had sat down at the table, dressed all in yellow and wearing two big blonde braids, which suited so well this young and candid character. With the framing being considerably close and the pose rather precise, there were not many possibilities for movements to execute for Carolyn. Only the facial expression, as boredom, discouragement, and maybe even loneliness, would set the tone and give dynamism to the photo.
We wanted this image to be bright and well modulated. Carolyn had therefore been lit with a Godox AD600 flash placed a little higher than her while avoiding casting too much of the hat's shadow on her face, thus creating a beautiful reflection of every elements on the table.
We used our Canon EOS 6D camera, a Canon EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens, and a Godox AD600 flash.
In a thrift store, we had found this adorable yellow summer dress with a fish pattern that immediately inspired Carolyn, also the creative director and stylist of our duo. We would do a concept around fishing, featuring a young woman wearing the fish dress and a fisherman hat, which would also be yellow. In fact, everything in the picture would be yellow! The only exception would be the goldfish swimming in a small fishbowl, having no idea that the young woman standing nearby had a fishing rod, also red, in her hand... It would therefore be a universe made up entirely of yellow, and only two elements of another color, red in this case, would create the link between them, giving full meaning to the concept. Although this idea was developed quickly following a sudden inspiration, it required a considerable amount of work to develop and prepare the project, its implementation, and then to edit the photo. But the whole process had been enjoyable, fun and very creative. This type of photo project represents so well our work in photography and it feeds our enthusiasm to continue to develop our art again and again!
As said earlier, all the yellow cardboards we had installed on the back wall were unified in a single backdrop using Photoshop. Then, it was mostly about doing beauty retouching and working on the tones.
In my camera bag
We always have our Canon 24-105 mm used for this photo, a Tamron wide angle, a Sigma 50 mm 1.4 Art, a Canon 50 mm Macro, a trigger Godox, and extra batteries!
A simple element, in this case a yellow summer dress, may be used in an original and beautiful way. Explore, go further in your ideas and creativity, add complexity and unusual to your projects, just step outside the box! Anything can be a great idea, as long as you don’t skip on the details. Preparation is important.

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