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Highliner II

Model and styling Carolyn Lacasse
Photography and editing Marc-André Riopel
Concept ArtMood Visualz

Model and styling Carolyn Lacasse
Photography and editing Marc-André Riopel
Concept ArtMood Visualz
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Behind The Lens

As simple as it is, we did this photo in our own kitchen! We covered the table with yellow self-adhesive vinyl, and the wall behind with yellow cardboards.
In the morning, as we usually like to shoot early in the day.
Since the image would be monochrome, it was necessary to illuminate uniformly, while modulating the elements. To do so, we used two 36 inches softboxes on each sides.
We used our Canon EOS 6D, and a Canon 24-105mm Serie L @58mm lens.
We had found that cool yellow dress with a fish pattern in a thrift shop one day, and we thought it would be interesting to do something about fishing, but in a very commercial and original way: yellow everywhere, with only a few small red details. We had this red goldfish at home that would be perfect for the concept we wanted to do, so we thought of doing a fisherwoman in a somewhat absurd context with this fish in a jar and her fishing rod in hand, bored of waiting after... what exactly? ;)
There was some basic retouching, working on the tones and merging together all the cardboards of the background in a smooth surface.
In my camera bag
We always have our Canon 24-105 mm, a Tamron wide angle, a Sigma 50 mm 1.4 Art, a Canon 50 mm Macro, a trigger Godox, and extra batteries!
Don’t be too rigid with the basic rules in photography (rules about composition, lighting, etc.); as long as you do what you like and find it interesting, you are doing the right thing! :) You may also explore, go further in your ideas, and create contexts that aren't basically logical but that in a glance, it tells a story. Imagination is the key: the creator's and the viewer's.

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