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Goose Walker I

Model, styling and outfit designer Carolyn Lacasse
Photography and editing Marc-André Riopel
Concept ArtMood Visualz

Model, styling and outfit designer Carolyn Lacasse
Photography and editing Marc-André Riopel
Concept ArtMood Visualz
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javierernestoortegaalonso innagritsienko PRO
Wonderful Fairy tail!
stunning love this

Behind The Lens

Carolyn, the model, artistic director and costume designer of our duo, wanted to create a photography reminiscent of the Netherlands and she wanted to it to take place in a green valley. The problem was that in Quebec, at least in our region, there are none that can look like Dutch hills. So, during about a year, she observed her surroundings to find a location that would suit our needs. Finally, one day, she found a small mountain in a public park, only a few minutes from our house! We just had never realized the potential of that grassy section of the park. But when ignoring everything that was around and focusing only on this green slope, we were directly plunged into a mountainous region of another country. It was perfect for the project.
It was in the morning, as we love working early. But considering that the photo session took place in the middle of summer, the sun was already particularly strong at that time of day and it was very hot.
Marc-André, our duo's photographer and retoucher, had placed a Godox AD600 flash in a 36 inches octagonal softbox, in the front of Carolyn, slightly strong enough to beat light of the sun.
We used a Canon 6D camera, with a 50mm F1.4 DG HSM | Art 014 lens, in addition to the Godox flash.
Carolyn had a big pink ball gown and she wanted to make it something special for one of her concepts. One day, she thought of shortening only the front, thus showing the legs, and the idea of wearing long white socks, and ??adding a small apron and lace sleeves to the dress came spontaneously. As it reminded her of a traditional Dutch costume, she made a complete outfit based on that inspiration. When she wore the whole costume in front of the camera, she suddenly appeared to be a young girl spending her summer vacation in the mountains of the Netherlands, walking geese on a leash and strolling in the sun with her bunch of balloons.
As we didn't have access to real geese and found them a little too aggressive anyways to try to find some, Marc-André digitally added images of geese during editing. Do do so, when the photo was taken, Carolyn was holding real leashes that went up to necklaces and pretty ribbons around empty toilet paper rolls, mounted on long wooden sticks stuck in the ground, at a goose neck height. These leashes would give a more natural look to the addition of the birds. For the rest, he worked on the tones, and harmonized everything so that each element would merge into a fluid and credible unity.
In my camera bag
We always have a Canon 24-105 mm, a Tamron wide angle, a Sigma 50 mm 1.4 Art, a Canon 50 mm Macro, a trigger Godox, and extra batteries!
In this case, having good editing skills and mastering Photoshop was important to create a convincing image. But otherwise, it is possible to evoke something almost magical, as if it came straight out of a story book, simply by seeing things aroung us with other than our everyday eyes. Look beyond primary utility. What else does it look like, or what story to tell around this object, this decor, this garment? With a little imagination and creativity, anything can be possible. You just need to find a way to bring it to life and again, creativity and a little ingenuity are excellent allies. A simple detail, even in a not so interesting environment, may be used in an original and beautiful way. So explore, experience, dare, just step outside the box! Anything can be a great idea, you just need to give it a try.

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