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Hov1s Apr 24
I love this. Great to see you took full advantage of the opportunity. :-)
ADZyne Apr 25
I'm glad I did, it's fantastic to see this image in print all over the world. Truly humbling
Ivy_Photos Apr 24
This is beyond cool. Amazing shot of an awesome subject. I can't wait to show my son (he is 13 and super obsessed) lol.
ADZyne Apr 25
Thank you very much. If your son watches his new show, there is a section where he has the audience members shoot him with a Nerf blaster. This part of the show is directly influenced from this shoot (I had a pile if Nerf blaster props in the corner of the studio for another shoot that week)
ssshoot Apr 26
Excellent! Has a ‘Clockwork Orange’ type feel about it. Good work!
ADZyne May 07
He looks menacing, but I assure you he's the friendliest guy :P
kiwidragonfly May 19
A great capture and definitely shows his character. Hard to believe that he was such a terrible standup comic until he came up with the idea to stop speaking.
robertmcdill Jun 23
From the comments, he must be famous in his own right, but I get a feeling of Michael Keaton in Beetlejuice from this image. Well done.

Tape Face

Tape Face came to my studio during his time at the Edinburgh Fringe to update his press shots
Tape Face came to my studio during his time at the Edinburgh Fringe to update his press shots
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Behind The Lens

This image was taken in my home studio. At the time, my home studio was a tiny room with a low ceiling, which is amazing to think when I see this image used all over the world.
This was taken during mid day based on our availability during the day. As it was a studio shoot this had little impact on the image.
This particular lighting setup used for this image has (since this image was made) become my 'goto' setup and a big part of my style. The key light was a gridded beauty dish and two gridded strip lights were used as symmetrical rim lights. All lights were gridded to ensure my white studio background appeared grey.
This image was captured on a Canon 700d with (I think) a 17-55mm 2.8 lens. Second hand bowens prolites were used as studio lights.
I was a big fan of Tape Face and jumped at the opportunity to shoot his portrait. I wasted to create an edgy/grungy look to work well with his monotone look. I took a lot of influence from gritty athlete photography.
As my home studio had a very low ceiling, and Tape Face is quite tall, and I'm quite short, almost every photo showed the join between the ceiling and wall exactly where his hair was. This meant I had to clone out the ceiling line in almost every image. I also added a textured background to the grey backdrop via an overlay in photoshop.
In my camera bag
These days, I usually have a Canon 6d, 70-200mm 2.8 lens, a Canon 17 - 35mm 2.8 lens and a sigma 50mm 1.4 lens.
For this image, I'd say experiment with lighting. Have them high, and grid them to have them harsh, yet not as strong as barebulb.

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