Cruella De Vil

Cosplay portrait of Disney villain Cruella De Vil

Cosplay portrait of Disney villain Cruella De Vil
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harmeetsingh February 07, 2021
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Behind The Lens

I took this photo in my home studio. I was talking with my friend about trying out photo composites and she suggested a shoot with her in a Cruella De Vil costume. The background was created in cinema4D
It was a fairly late evening. This was purely based on when we were available and as it was a studio shoot, the time of day had little effect on the final image.
I set up a small flashgun with an orange gel behind the model to simulate a hearthfire. I had the final image in mind and knew this would be a feature of the composited background. I also used photoshop to create a faux shadow to help with this effect.
This was captured on a Canon 700d. If I remember correctly, the lens was a 17-55mm sigma 2.8. The key and fill lights were old bowens prolites (I think they were sold in the 80s) The fire was mimicked via a Canon 430ex III flashgun
Although not my usual style at all, I was really interested in trying out composite photography to see how well I would take to it. It's not something I plan to use alot in the future but it's a very handy skill to develop
This had a lot more post processing than I usually apply to my images. The model was shot on a plain white background, isolated and composited onto a background I built and rendered in Cinema4d. I even took measurements throughout the shoot to match camera height, angle and focal length as well as the models distance from the wall etc. The shadow was created in photoshop and the whole image was given a very strong contrast to tie it all together.
In my camera bag
These days, my main kit includes Canon 6d, canon 70-200mm 2.8 lens, sigma 50mm 1.4 lens and a Canon 16 - 35mm 2.8 lens. I usually light with bowens xmt500 lights, with a whole plethora of lighting modifiers. Mainly strip boxes, a beauty dish and octabox.
Plan Plan Plan and document. I took note of every measurement I could, which helped so much when recreating the background. When lighting for composites, I find that a strong rim light on both sides can hide a multitude of flaws when it comes to the image build

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