For this photo contest, we invited you to submit your best images of eyes - one of the human face's most expressive and powerful features with chances to win an Oura Ring Gen3. We're looking for photos that capture the essence of the subject's eyes, whether a close-up of a single eye or a portrait showcasing the subject's natural gaze.

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Jay Ybarra for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Jay is a photographer based in Austin, Texas who specializes in street and portraiture. He's heavily inspired by hip-hop album art, comics and movies. Jay likes to try and find the beauty in places most people would just normally walk by- such as neighborhoods, alleyways, and gas stations.

People's Choice

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "los angeles. " by lostbeforefate

"This photo jumped out immediately for me. Love the natural look, the fact that it captures some environment so there's a little context to that, as well as the expressions." - Jay Ybarra

Congratulations Runner Up "Caprice of Northport on Portra 400 " by Soulcraft

"Absolutely love the light in this one. It's simple, but has a lot going on as far as the light and shadows go. The color grading is done very well." - Jay Ybarra

Congratulations Runner Up "The children of Africa " by zohar_ferro

"Always appreciate a good b&w. This is another one that stood out because of the context of the surroundings with the wider lens. Really like how candid this looks." - Jay Ybarra