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moonbeam67 July 28, 2018
So spectacular. Really calming and fascinating at the same time. Simply beautiful 💜
AntonioPedroniPhoto July 31, 2018
Thank you!
terrinesvacil July 31, 2018
AntonioPedroniPhoto July 31, 2018
ivatrocke December 27, 2018
Great composition, lovely colours, beautiful image!
Thank you!
JayneBug Feb 05
Beautiful image and creative capture. Congratulations on your award!
thank you!
Beautiful capture! Congratulations on your challenge award!

The loney tree

A magic place near Torrechiara, Parma, Italy.
A magic place near Torrechiara, Parma, Italy.
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Behind The Lens

this photo was taken in Torrechiara, near Parma, in Italy, near the cemetery where this isolated tree is present
As you can tell from the atmosphere, it was taken at sunset, which arrives quite early in the winter, around 5 pm.
The photo was taken exclusively with natural light, I then added a bit of drama to the scene as I like it, in post production, to make the whole atmosphere more interesting. The scene was still beautiful even from the truth.
I simply used my A7ii and the wide-angle zeiss 16-35 F4, my faithful companions when shooting landscapes.
I think this photo spot is beautiful in all seasons, given the great symmetry and centrality given by this little tree. In particular I made this shot after a late snowfall in March. In particular, I was struck by the beauty of the texture created by the snow that gave particular depth and three-dimensionality to the scene.
I always do a bit of post production to my shots. In this case in particular I adjusted the colors, applied a gradual filter to correct the lighting, applied a bit of vignetting and increased the detail to bring out the texture of the snow.
In my camera bag
In these cases I never bring much equipment with me, a tripod, my sony A7ii, the wide-angle zeiss 16-35. I always have with me a couple of ND filters that sometimes come in handy.
To take pictures like this, it is essential to not be afraid to do a few km when you realize that the light turns to magic. We must start without hesitation to the chosen spot and not be in a hurry to go home until the light is gone, the light evolves continuously and you must never be in a hurry.

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