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a nice rabbit taken at the Nevicati Park in Collecchio (PR-Italy), the lens, is the helios 40-2, a vintage russian lens with a caratheristic swirly bokeh...
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a nice rabbit taken at the Nevicati Park in Collecchio (PR-Italy), the lens, is the helios 40-2, a vintage russian lens with a caratheristic swirly bokeh
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vladgphoto April 12, 2018
The depth of field in this image is something else! Stunning colours as well!
AntonioPedroniPhoto PRO
AntonioPedroniPhoto April 12, 2018
thanks, I'm glad you like it!
AlexBelovPhoto May 12, 2019
helios need lightroom.He is not sharp even this photo is perfectly edited

Behind The Lens

this photo was taken at Parco Nevicati, located in Collecchio, near Parma, in Italy where I live.
I was taking a walk with my wife and a friend, photographing my wife and the rabbits in freedom that populate this characteristic Park, we were certainly towards sunset and the light was already quite soft
Nothing to say about the light, it is a photo taken with natural light, in very light backlight, no flash.
Here I used my A7II and a distinctive vintage lens, the helios 40-2 f1.5, which is a very heavy and enormous 85mm soviet that produces a very characteristic swirly bokeh. The lens tends to be very soft and difficult to use, I sold it for this, but the bokeh, or that is fabulous.
I was in a period of experimentation and I wanted to create a photo with very little depth of field and an absurdly swirly background, so I approached this little rabbit crawling that luckily the time was enough to allow me to focus by hand and shoot.
Post processing is limited, there is a stacking of two handmade photos to improve the definition of the subject, I corrected the colors, and increased the sharpness of the congilio itself, processing done with photoshop.
In my camera bag
Difficult to say because it changes depending on what I want to photograph. Lately I tend to make a lot of selection, usually I always have my A7II, the 16-35F4 zeiss which is a great landscaping lens and then another lens that can be a 50mm, a 85mm, or some other vintage lens, I have a ten ... currently I'm trying to complete the sony kit, but sony lenses are very expensive, so I proceed calmly.
I believe that animals should be photographed at their height. By becoming one of them. To make this picture I crawled for several meters ...

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