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Bride portrait

Portrait of Doina, the bride

Portrait of Doina, the bride
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at a wedding event organized by a wedding group of which my wife is a part, the location is"la corte di giarola" Collecchio, Parma
It was early afternoon, so given the complicated light I brought the model into the shade.
This is all natural light, I had to take lots of photos at different models, quickly for this event, so I didn't have time to prepare softboxes or anything, it's simply natural light in the shade. I believe that when you're in trouble, it's the easiest light to handle.
For this photo I used my sony a7II with the 85mm Samyang manual, a really low budget lens that knows how to give satisfaction with it's artistic bokeh. Its defect is the softness at the edges and the fact that it is manual that in an event of this kind is a problem ...
Model Doina loves to be photographed and it shows, you put a beautiful girl with a straight back who looks directly into your eyes and you will still get an interesting photo.
I have developed my work flow in recent times for portraits and almost always use the same simple post production, which includes a slight vignetting, the localized increase in contrast, detail and color adjustment. But most of the work is done during shooting. If a photo just out of the camera doesn't satisfy me it ends up in the trash. But I would be a liar if I did not say that there is a bit of post production, it is now fundamental and I snap knowing already what I want to get after the post and what I can correct in post.
In my camera bag
Normally for this type of photography, in addition to the camera, I carry with me a pair of fixed and luminous lenses, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 135mm. I choose two of these and I make them enough for the whole shooting. I almost always shoot everything open. I throw some shots because it is blurred. In these cases, the electronic viewfinder that allows you to zoom and focus in the viewfinder is fundamental, something that was much more complicated with the SLR. I think that some photos with very little depth of field were much more complicated to obtain before the mirrorless ... yes it is true, there is live view, but I assure you that working in live view under the sun is not easy.
Use a fixed and speed lens, open it to the maximum, focus the eyes. Find an expressive model, comfortable in front of the camera, make her dress with a specific theme, find a location that enhances the whole and then shoot. Study the portraits of the photographers you like to inspire you.

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