We πŸ’™ The Winter

Winter photography is the art of capturing the beauty of the natural world. It can be a challenging genre, as it requires both a keen eye for composition and the patience to wait for the perfect light. But when done well, winter photography can transport viewers to another place and time. The best winter photos are those that evoke a sense of wonder, whether it’s the vastness of a mountain range or the ethereal quality of a family moment.

Winter Moments Photo Contest

Winter Photography Ideas

Winter provides the ideal backdrop for unique photography ideas. With props, like a simple wooden chair or old sled, you can create visually stunning compositions. The morning is the perfect time to capture snowflakes illuminated by the early morning light, or ice-covered landscapes that sparkle in the low winter sun. Maybe even have your subject stand amidst a field of fluffy white powder, with snowflakes gently falling into their hair! If you plan well and coordinate props with where you’re capturing a scene, anything is possible when it comes to winter photography ideas.

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Winter Moments Photo Contest
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Winter Moments Photo Contest

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Vote for your favorite landscape photos and help us find the winner of this photo contest. The more you vote the better the results. The top photos receiving the most votes from our audience will be viewed by our judges. One winner out of the most voted photos will be selected as the People's Choice Winner.

Here's How It Works
What photos should I share in this contest?
Show how you capture the winter in a creative way
When is the last day to participate?
What is the total value of the prize?
The total prize value is $1500 plus the bragging rights. Prizes are delivered through Amazon and cash prizes are sent via Paypal.
How many submissions are there in the contest?
There are 24,927 submissions.
What happens with the ownership of the photo I share in the contest?
You always maintain all the rights to your photos. By entering the contest you accept viewbug's terms of use.
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