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pano of the milky way over the former Nato base of the "monte Giogo", near Comano in Italy.

pano of the milky way over the former Nato base of the "monte Giogo", near Comano in Italy.
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Behind The Lens

was taken at the abandoned base of Monte Giogo, on the Italian Apennines, a place known to Italian astrophotography lovers
Naturally in the darkest point of the night, when the nucleus of the milky way in northern Italy is visible.
This type of photography does not need any kind of artificial lighting but in this case I directed a small led panel towards the antennas to avoid having them completely dark.
I used the sony a7iii which I think is a great camera for high-ISO photos and as a lens the sony 28mm f2, of course this is a panoramic photo obtained by adding I believe 18 shots on 2 rows, if I remember correctly
I think the Milky Way above these disused satellite dishes is a fascinating image. The man with the red light (a characteristic of reflex canon that for night photography is a real disaster) is another photographer who tried a different pose. I decided not to delete it, although it would have been relatively easy to do it but to make it the protagonist of the image, I find it a good element to improve the composition.
of course for this kind of images post production is essential, it is necessary to combine the panoramic poses and enhance the milky way by acting on the curves, darken the sky so as to give the right mood to the photo, exalt the details that you want to point out, in short this case there is a lot of work that I think is absolutely necessary. The photo of the milky way without post production would not exist in the north of Italy.
In my camera bag
For this kind of photographs I usually bring my sony a7iii, a pair of speed lenses, in particular the sony 28 F2 and the Samyang 14mm F2.8 that I use for single pose photos. Then of course I have a sturdy stand, the 055 manfrotto with a sturdy ball head on which I mount an additional pan head to make shots of this type. I use a cable to minimize vibrations. Actually, they need a few things, but I love night photography, I think it's currently my favorite genre.
It is a photograph that needs precise programming. You must first find the spot where you know it will be dark enough and that it has a good shot to include the Milky Way, you have to plan the right day when there is no moon at the same time as the nucleus of the Milky Way. Often to find these places you have to do several miles, staying out in the cold and in the dark is not a thing for everyone, but the sight of the stars and the immensity of the Milky Way gives an indescribable emotion.

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