Bobbio evening

a long exposure taken in Bobbio, in the north of Italy

a long exposure taken in Bobbio, in the north of Italy
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kathykay PRO+
kathykay March 29, 2018
Join the conversation. Add a comment or even better, a critique. Let's get better together!
kathykay PRO+
kathykay March 29, 2018
love the low angle and slow shutter speed
AntonioPedroniPhoto March 29, 2018
thanks, I'm glad you like it!
Forrest_Imagery May 30, 2018
Wow, what an impressive photograph !
Awesome use of long expose, depth of field and a wide angle lens, are exaggerated by incorporating the foreground so close to the lens, making for a dramatic view.
Skillfully and beautifully shot, well done !
AntonioPedroniPhoto May 30, 2018
thank you for your beautiful words, I feel happy when someone appreciates my work!
JR-Photography June 24, 2018
Epic shot!! Everything about this photo is perfect! Nice work!
AntonioPedroniPhoto June 24, 2018
thank you a lot!!!
Mil8ant PRO+
Mil8ant June 24, 2018
Beautiful shot, a deserving winner!
AntonioPedroniPhoto June 24, 2018
thank you!
Byronfairphotography PRO+
Byronfairphotography July 24, 2018
Outstanding long exposure

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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in Bobbio, a small village in the Trebbia river valley in northern Italy.
The sunset had passed by half an hour and it was a day with a fantastic light, after a series of very good sunset shots, this is one of the last photos I took when the night was coming. It was late January and the river was full of rushing water a few decimeters away from me.
This picture is taken with natural light and ND filter to lengthen the exposure, the light was very nice and I did not have to do so much, when nature offers certain shows you just have to take pictures by composing the image in the best way and the photo will already be interesting. As you can see the sunset was already over and the atmosphere and the temperature of the light was starting to cool, I think the tone that took the picture at this particular time is unusual and interesting. I have others very similar to the actual sunset, but I prefer this.
I used my old nikon d7100, which I have now sold, the sigma 1-20, also sold that, a bilay travel tripod that I still use and a filter ND1000 haida, that I still have and that I find an excellent quality / price ratio since it costs very little.
It 'a very classic and very photographed spot, what changes is to photograph it when the light can make it particularly interesting. I love water when it rushes, it makes me feel the force of nature, the ND filter makes everything magical.
There is a slight post production, I would be lying if I said that my photos are perfect in camera, I usually apply a digital degrading filter to lighten the foreground that in this type of photo is often too dark and poorly readable, and increase the contrast to bring out the colors. I do not like the total changing of the shots, my raw actually are quite similar to the photo produced, I limit myself to correct those that for me are defects and errors due to the fact that the machine does not have the dynamic range of the human eye. I use lightroom and PS.
In my camera bag
Lately I have reduced my backpack to the essentials depending on what I go to photograph, I like landscapes but also portraits. For landscapes always travel with my sony a7ii, the sony zeiss 16.35 F4, the ND64 filter and ND1000 and a good tripod, I have a very light travel tripod, but not always stable enough and a tank, the manfrotto 055, but I do not carry always with me because it's really heavy.
There is only one piece of advice I can give to take pictures like that. These photos are relatively simple provided you are on the spot at the right time, so you have to plan the exit (which I can not always do as I would also because of the fact that now I have a child of six months), study the place that let's go to photograph, you have to make some friends photographer willing to do a few more miles even in times and days when people usually like to stay at home because we will find few people on the spot. And above all you need to trip as much as possible and have a thousand eyes to see and memorize the beautiful and interesting things that may even be a few meters from our house.

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