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Would make a great jig saw puzzle. Great image!
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Very nice photo
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So beautiful
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Incredible shot!

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Apr, 2016


Morning over Arnarstarpi, Iceland. February 12th 2016. f8 1 sec ISO 64 Nikon D810 70-200mm lens, Gitzo tripod. (I have replaced the reflection in photoshop as the original was very dark and lacked interest.)

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Won Contest Finalist in High Peaks Photo ContestJanuary, 2017

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Behind The Lens

This image was taken at the fishing port of Arnarstarpi, Iceland.
It was taken just after sunrise with an amazing pink sky. It was taken at 10.30am on Feb 12th 2016.
The lighting was perfect with the warm morning sunshine casting a soft light across the scene creating some texture and contrast. The snow provided the extra bounce and magic to complement the directional light.
This was shot on a Nikon D810 using a 70-200mm f4 lens, LEE filter Circ.Polariser. and Gitzo tripod.
Iceland inspires me all the time. Amazing light and features everywhere. This sky was something I have never seen the like of before, so beautiful.
Post processing was fairly straight forward with some work done to enhance the reflection of the cute house in the other wise darker water. I used Adobe Photoshop and NIK filters selectively.
In my camera bag
My kit comprises of 2x Nikon D810's, Nikon f2.8 14-24mm lens, Nikon f2.8 24-70mm lens, Nikon f4 70-200mm lens, Nikon 200-500mm f5.6 lens and 3x Nikon SB910 flashguns. Gitzo Tripod. Think Tank Airport Commuter Back pack. LEE Filters Circ Polarisers and Little Stopper. Couple of Lume Cubes, Various Colour Correction filters etc.
I often use the PhotoPills App to check sunrise/set times and position of the Sun. Dress for the conditions and get there with plenty of time to set up and explore. I normally scout the area considering various lenses and positions. I am always trying to find elements in the foreground that can create layered compositions as I love the depth. But I also stay open to fresh visual surprises too. Having thought through and image I set up on a tripod, normally use a Circ. Polariser and often bracket many variations of shutter speed, ISO and sometimes aperture although I prefer to use f8 as much as possible to get the sharpest images. I take as many shots as I feel necessary to give me an abundance of information I can harvest from when I get back to post process.

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