1968 Mustang Fastback

Photographed for Power Magazine Oct. 2015
One of a kind Stang with Cobra 427cui

Photographed for Power Magazine Oct. 2015
One of a kind Stang with Cobra 427cui
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Rosley January 19, 2016
Awesome looking car . . . love the smoking tyre ripping the tarmac, great capture!
lindapersson January 19, 2016
Thank you much! :-)
paultownley January 23, 2016
The classic Ford Mustang,awesome burnout,fantastic shot.
lindapersson January 23, 2016
Thanks a lot! :-)
lindapersson January 23, 2016
Thanks a lot! :-)
georgeinnes January 28, 2016
Had one of these around blue metallic.after i saw steve Mcqueen in "BULLITT"..!!!
jairuskelley February 09, 2016
lindapersson February 23, 2016
She is. Thanks for writing.
Tompotato PRO+
Tompotato March 15, 2016
I love this picture, when I was a US soldier stationed in Germany, I had a 69 1/2 Camaro Z-28, Camaro's first larger car. I loved doing this on the coble stone, but I also got in some trouble hot rodding around Heidelberg. You photos are very well done.
Purplesage57 March 18, 2016
Where's Steve McQueen?
Purplesage57 March 22, 2016
My parents had a red 68 fastback like this except it wasn't a GT. They were a bit more conservative so no big tires or smoking wheels. I remember going to the dealership to pick it up and I was looking at the cars they had on display inside and trying to talk them into getting a light green Shelby Cobra instead. They should have listened to me.
stschultze March 27, 2016
Masterpiece :)
lindapersson March 27, 2016
Happy to hear it. Thank you! :-)
wkeithsharp April 10, 2016
the ghost of steve mCqueen feeLing i instantly had upon first glanCe .... love it !!!
lindapersson April 11, 2016
Thank you, I'm happy you do!
Sheri_Stanley PRO+
Sheri_Stanley June 21, 2016
Fantastic photo! I guessed 1967...I was close!
lindapersson June 21, 2016
Thanks, yes it's a 1968. :-)
v4ernetskiy August 02, 2016
It's looks scary )))
lindapersson August 02, 2016
It's actually lots of fun. :-)
KMallus September 12, 2016
Congratulations on winning People's Choice in Catching Lens Flares Photo Challenge!
lindapersson September 13, 2016
Thank you, I'm happy and honored. :-)
eelcovanroden PRO+
eelcovanroden September 13, 2016
Congratulations on your great People's Choice Challenge Win!
lindapersson September 13, 2016
Thank you! Happy to hear from you again. :-)
ovosphotography October 21, 2016
like it!
lindapersson October 22, 2016
Thank you very much!
beckyreding PRO+
beckyreding December 01, 2016
lindapersson December 02, 2016
Thank you very much!
Mrsviruet September 03, 2017
Beautiful car
lindapersson September 04, 2017
It is, thank you for writing!
JDP.Photography September 18, 2017
Wow! This is awesome!
lindapersson September 19, 2017
Thank you, I'm glad you like it. :-)
2201_0301 January 25, 2018
Is that a 68?
lindapersson January 25, 2018
It sure is. The only one known with a 427 cobra at the moment.

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Behind The Lens

During a magazine shoot in 2015 along a not so trafficed road.
Late afternoon in October, I believe it was.
For this shoot I use all natural light. It was a beautiful sunny day so my only trouble was the curvy road. I had to place myself for the light to hit right. Can't do too much about the road.
Nikon D7100 and nikkor 24-70 mm f2.8, pro polarizer filter, handheld.
It was a magazine shoot. I had asked if the driver wanted to burn some rubber. He did. It's always popular to see and read about. The photo itself isn't good enough for publication as it's blurry in the front of the car, but it was good enough to post on my private page as a teaser. People seemed to love it.
Yes, I made the background sepia and enhaced the over all details in PS for a more 3D effect, sort of.
In my camera bag
Nikon D7100, 10-24mm, 24-70mm, 70-200mm, a remote release, spare battery, notepad and pen.
I already mention that it's not the ultimate image. It has blur in the wrong places, but panning is a fun way of photographing. I suggest going to a more trafficed road, stand along side and just practice the movement - side to side. At a far away angle you will get blur where you don't want to but when you get the vehicle centered in the camera view (approx 45 degress to the left and right with you in the center) and you're moving the lens along in the same pace, you will have a wicked speed shot. It takes some practice but it's kind of fun. Note: If the vehicle is moving right in front of the lens, two things could happen: 1. You get a pic of the front of the vehicle but no motion blur. 2. You get a blurry photo. The second is most likely to happen. Good luck! :-)

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