1965 Doug Cooper Impala

Photographed for Power Magazine. I have (obviously) done some color manipulation to the background but I have a tight following who likes it a lot. :-)
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Photographed for Power Magazine. I have (obviously) done some color manipulation to the background but I have a tight following who likes it a lot. :-)
Sweet ride, got 500+ horses and I got a whiplash riding in it to prove it. Ha ha
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23 Comments | Report
stevestory March 03, 2016
You do awesome car images Linda! Great work! :)
lindapersson March 04, 2016
Thank you so much!
tony5158 PRO+
tony5158 March 05, 2016
I love the old hot rods!
lindapersson March 05, 2016
Me too. It's hard not to. :-) Thank you for writing.
Dagenais PRO+
Dagenais March 06, 2016
lindapersson March 07, 2016
Thank you! :-)
simonpetrides March 12, 2016
Great Shot Shared it with my Show Off Your Hot Wheels Group on FB
lindapersson March 13, 2016
Cool, thank you! Feel free to share any of the car photos if you like. I might upload a few more later.
Purplesage57 March 22, 2016
Nice shot and color manipulation. The blue chevy really stands out against the monochromatic background.
lindapersson March 22, 2016
Thanks, I do like this one a lot myself.
wkeithsharp April 10, 2016
it's like when u fall for someone, u may not even always know exactly why, but u do... my eyes fell instantly for the tone and feel of the image. as i explored i saw homages to my childhood (long story) and to my linage. special capturing and editing. be proud. i can see this framed and hangin'.
lindapersson April 11, 2016
Much appreciated. I'm very happy and humbled to read it. Thank you!
Cocolo April 18, 2016
I drove a car 1966 when i was young memories back.
lindapersson April 18, 2016
I'm happy it brought memories back. Thank you for writing!
OwenJFitzpatrick April 23, 2016
Super shot of a beautiful car.
lindapersson April 23, 2016
Thank you very much!
jimfbauty PRO+
jimfbauty April 29, 2016
Hopped up my mom's 66 Biscayne 250CID w/194 cyl. head, truck 2bbl manifold & card, marine 6 cam for over 200HP. Buick 6way power seats almost killed electrics at night. Fun car that she complained about for years!! Nice shot. Brought back memories..Is that a 396 or 427 icon on the fender.
lindapersson April 30, 2016
The decals say 396 but it's actually a 468cui under the hood.
zacharymoneypenny May 05, 2016
this is my favorite. the color play is amazing .
lindapersson May 05, 2016
Thanks :-)
Silverbell May 21, 2016
Cool car.
lindapersson May 21, 2016
It is, thank you!
Kitsea PRO
Kitsea June 04, 2016
What a photogenic car, and captured brilliantly. Add me to your "tight following", You could do a video on this technique, and I'd watch it.
estercastillo08 PRO+
estercastillo08 June 06, 2016
Excellent, voted Bright and Colorful
neilvendeiro August 13, 2016
Great job on the colour touch up. Makes the car really pop out.
lindapersson August 13, 2016
Thanks. Yes it was something I started a couple of years ago and people seem to like it.
johnbirbilis September 16, 2016
great photo - pretty sure I have that as a Hot Wheels car somewhere
lindapersson September 17, 2016
Thanks, yes it's possible. It has been replicated many times "in real life" so why not.
snowdon PRO
snowdon November 24, 2016
Congratulations on your finalist Win in Finding Numbers competition
lindapersson November 25, 2016
Thank you very much. I'm very happy about it! :-)
ovosphotography December 20, 2016
like it!
lindapersson December 21, 2016
Thank you!
joergkoch PRO
joergkoch June 14, 2017
Beautiful composition, impressing processing! If you like join my new ViewBug challenge " cars in color".
lindapersson June 14, 2017
Thank you. I'll check it out.
tmlakshmi PRO+
tmlakshmi December 11, 2017
great composition. voted
lindapersson December 11, 2017
Thank you kindly!
snowdon PRO
snowdon December 25, 2017
congratulations on your Finalist Win in Letters and Words contest .. great job
lindapersson December 26, 2017
Thank you very much!
MicktheGreek PRO+
MicktheGreek December 26, 2017
I can't say I would do this to my car, but if I were you I would buy the owner a beer. Well done Linda, outstanding photo!
lindapersson December 26, 2017
It's a track racing vehicle so it's special made for that purpose. However, this is a fully working replica of a famous American race car. Got my neck whipped when I got a ride in it. 500+hp does that to you. :-)
Greenaway January 19, 2018
what a beauty! where was this taken?
lindapersson January 19, 2018
Thanks! It's photographed in Sweden 2015 for a magazine.
stevenwash PRO+
stevenwash July 01, 2018
WOW, that was my first car. Many memories on hot summer nights in Central California. The daytime wasn't bad either. Thank you for sharing.
lindapersson July 02, 2018
Thank You for sharing. Love hearing stories about these cars that I photograph.