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Long exposure of my Dyna at the underpass skatepark

Long exposure of my Dyna at the underpass skatepark
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Behind The Lens

Taken at the notorious underpass skatepark and basketball court in Toronto, Ontario.
I took this photo at around 10ish on a beautiful summer night. My buddy and I were out riding our bikes and I told him I wanted to post up at this spot and get some photos of the bikes at the park. I wanted to visit at night time because it can get busy with kids and people getting in the way and I prefer to have unnecessary subjects out of my frame if possible so night time was definitely the most suitable time to get some sweet photos done.
Lucky for me the park has lights and actually some cool coloured ones as you can see in the top of the photo so a few test exposures and minor tweaking with colour temps I was good to go.
I used my trusty Canon 5d mark iii and a 35mm prime with my tripod, a remote timer for the long exposure as well.
I'd seen a few people post up pictures here with their bikes and pretty much knew that I had to make it out to this spot in the city and get a few shots of me and my buddies Dynas. I was super stoked with how good it actually looked at the location with all the colours and graffiti. With no one in our way we pretty much had the space to ourselves to stage our bikes how we wanted. Once we got there and figured out where we were going to take the photos I pulled out my camera from my backpack and my tripod from my saddle bag and started setting up for photos.
Yes I brought the photo into lightroom and did some cropping for framing for social media. Also just adjusted the colour temp to my liking, brought up some sharpness, shadows, contrast, textures, and a few colours to make things pop. I try to do as little post work as possible with all of my photos and do as much in camera as possible.
In my camera bag
If I'm riding my Dyna I try to slim down what I carry because I'm limited on space and weight with a motorcycle. But I always carry my leatherman multitool for sure, a blower, kim wipes, cleaning solution, lee filters 100mm kit, big stopper, remote timer, my canon 100mm lens, flashlight, business cards, lens pen.
Go out and try new things, or revisit places and discover new things. I normally find myself visiting the same locations over and over again to get familiar and comfortable. After I 've been there once I tend to think of new ways to capture images or think of ways I would have done things differently for the next time. Motorcycles and photography are my biggest passions and I can't stop thinking of places and getting ideas of where I want to go next or revisit again. Find out what it is that keeps your imagination running and you will always find something to do or learn.

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