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When I saw her she was gone...

When I saw her she was gone...
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People's Choice in Any flying insect Photo Challenge
Winner in Bees & Wasps Photo Challenge
Winner in Freezing The Action Photo Challenge
People's Choice in Insects In Flight Photo Challenge
People's Choice in Insects in flight Photo Challenge
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Lukekat Mousedriven TamWilliams dmitrysamsonov Viashutterbug gerardkaman Klaatu +42
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LifeForcePhotography larrywelch daveburrow thatunicorngal larryollivier JacquesH60 steveangelakis +28
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25 Comments | Report
geertweggen PRO
geertweggen June 01, 2015
wonderful moment
lekahuie Premium
lekahuie June 02, 2015
Great moment nice action :)))
justkim1106 PRO+
justkim1106 June 10, 2015
Stunning capture! So sharp
glynisdover PRO+
glynisdover June 13, 2015
Great capture
sharonbrown July 10, 2015
Fabulous capture
adriansart PRO+
adriansart July 11, 2015
Wow this is superb what an action shot!
DutchTouch PRO+
DutchTouch August 08, 2015
Very nicely captured! Looks like a cross between a Dragonfly and a wasp??? Great detail!
JGudin PRO+
JGudin August 28, 2015
Very nice shot!!
LeanneMWilliams October 11, 2015
NanaSue54 PRO
NanaSue54 November 11, 2015
Excellent capture!! :)
Maggie64 PRO+
Maggie64 November 24, 2015
Wow. incredible capture
johant PRO
johant December 07, 2015
rach_who December 07, 2015
Awesome timing
malcolmbowey December 18, 2015
Great macro my friend
AnneDphotography January 20, 2016
fantastic detail and action captured !
gertvanniekerk February 18, 2016
Wow this is fantastic. The detail the speed. This is a true winner
BTay01 PRO
BTay01 April 30, 2016
naturisk PRO
naturisk May 25, 2016
Lightning awareness on: captured!
tapvanderschyff June 13, 2016
Congratulation, stunning.
p_eileenbaltz PRO
p_eileenbaltz June 13, 2016
Fantastic! Congratulations on your People's Choice Award. :)
JDLifeshots June 13, 2016
Amazing capture! Congrats.
saltashman June 21, 2016
it looks like a hoverfly fantastic image ive tried to capture them but not successful as of yet
Bergamax May 24, 2017
Beautiful, awesome capture! Very difficult IMHO and you did it! Congratulations!
PaulBrothers PRO
PaulBrothers April 25, 2018
I think that this is the Marmalade Hoverfly Episyrphus balteatus. Never managed to get a decent in flight shot myself. :)
tmtburke PRO
tmtburke August 31, 2018
Wow, great shot. Congratulations Eelco.

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Behind The Lens

I took this photo in my back garden in Enkhuizen, Holland.
It was about 1 pm and the sun was shining from a clear blue sky, lots of insects were flying around like jetplanes.
Because the sun was shining so vigorously, it was quite difficult to avoid the burned out light spots and heavy shadows . I took a lot of photos from different angles until I finally got the right one in which the background was very dark, allowing the insect to stand out with lovely little highlights.
I have a Lumix DMC-TZ60, all my photos are taken with this little miracle of a camera...The best thing about this camera is that it has a good Leica lens and it is very easy to carry with you because it practically fits in your back pocket. This photo was taken free out of hand.
It was a hot and clear summers day and lots of insects were flying around like jet planes, I wanted to capture one of them flying! After many attempts I discovered that it wasn't easy to get a good enough photo... Many times the background was the problem, I had to find a way to shoot one against a background avoiding the sky or other high lit surfaces.
I did some post processing to clean up some spots from the background. I also enhanced the colours and played a bit with the contrast and light. I used a very easy to use program; Picasa.
In my camera bag
I don't have any equipment in my bag (yet) I am a beginning photographer and I am learning to use a camera, to look for the good light, composition and point of view. One day when I know how to use and set the camera well enough, I will start to think about a bag filled with technical things instead of the need to understand photography first...
After running around in the garden with my camera pointed upwards, I discovered it was a better idea to choose a single place where I could take the shot I wanted; an isolated view of a flying insect. To achieve such a photo, I had to choose a place where many insects were flying around against a darker background with the sun coming from the left, just behind the little jet plane bugs... It took me more then two hours to get this one photo. To make a catching macro photo of a little insect, make sure that you catch the sunlight from the right angle to get the nice high lights that make the insect stand out vividly! Beware of too much sun, that will cause burned out light spots and heavy shadows. Crop it later to the right dimensions to create a nice composition within the rule of thirds for example. I allways crop and edit in different ways and choose the best one a day later when I can have a fresh look at them... And last but not least, allways make sure your camera is near you with a fully charged battery!

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