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Orang utan - Chinta

Orang utan Chinta & her daughter Natalia.

Orang utan Chinta & her daughter Natalia.
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Behind The Lens

This shot was taken at Paignton Zoo Environmental Park, Paignton, South Devon, England.
This was taken just after 10am in the morning. The Zoo opens at 10am & I had gone there specifically to photograph the orangutans as they had two babies in the group. As soon as the zoo opened, I went straight to the orang enclosure which is at the opposite end of the zoo from the entrance. This gave me about 40minutes alone with the orangs before the other public caught up. Luckily Chinta had her baby Natalia out in the open & I took a number of shots before she disappeared into the bushes.
It was a lovely clear day so little adjustment was needed. Chinta's dark coat stood out beautifully against the greenery.
The image was shot using a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ150 with a Leica 25mm to 600mm wide angle lens. I didn't use any other equipment.
Having gone to the zoo specifically to photograph the orangs, I was lucky to have such a clear view & Chinta obliged by staying out in the open for quite a long time. When the general public finely reached me, it became too noisy for her & she took her daughter into the bushes.
A small amount of cropping & slight exposure adjustment was all that was needed on this iamge.
In my camera bag
As a very lazy amateur I usually only carry my camera, a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ150. I do keep a tripod in the car but it rarely sees the light of day. I like to travel light & keep my camera with me as much as possible.
If you plan to go to a zoo for animal images, plan your day well. If you want to photograph a specific animal, time your arrival for the best part of the day for that particular animal. Some are more active at feeding time, some don't like crowds of people, hot days will make them lie around asleep. The better your planning the better the shots you will get.

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