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LR Brookfield Zoo-122

New male gorilla seemed cranky but beautiful and powerful.

New male gorilla seemed cranky but beautiful and powerful.
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davidsloan January 16, 2014
Great capture, don't say cheese.
uniquefeatures January 30, 2014
Yes, I agree very powerful also looks really angry.
carolyns PRO
carolyns February 08, 2014
Love this! Very powerful!
rmr731 PRO+
rmr731 May 02, 2014
Great capture - he does look angry!

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Behind The Lens

Brookfield Zoo, Brookfield, Illinois
The lighting in the gorilla area can be tricky. I used auto WB and adjusted it in Lightroom.
Nikon D7100, Nikon 18-300 lens. Hand-held.
I enjoy taking photos of the gorillas. This male was new to Brookfield Zoo and the old male was retired. He just sat in the same spot but kept looking around and appeared grumpy.
I adjusted the white balance, cropped and sharpened the photo in LR.
In my camera bag
I generally take my D7100 (or other camera in the past), my tripod, my 18-300 Nikon lens, my 70-200 Nikon lens, my 80-400 Nikon lens, my 50mm 1.4 lens and my fisheye lens. I also take my remote shutter release.
Patience! The zoo can get crowded and it is important to get a good spot and stay there until the right shot comes along.

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