Hiding in the Grass





Winner in First shot of 2018 Photo Challenge
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Wildlife Photo Contest 2018Top 20 class week 1


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DavidH60 PRO+
DavidH60 February 17, 2018
Great start to 2018 and a worthy winner Maggie. Keep it up all year.
BenDufeck PRO+
BenDufeck September 10, 2018
Congrats on the award ! Beautiful capture ! !

Behind The Lens

I took this photo late one afternoon while driving back to my house. I live in a pretty remote part of central Texas, and I see deer often when I am out on a drive.
It was around 4:30 p.m. this winter, and my family and I were coming back home after driving down the backroads in search of new photos. I happened to look over on my right while we drove past this deer. We hit the breaks quickly, and since the roads are not full of traffic, we backed up to take this photo. As I snapped the picture, he stared into the camera. I think the deer was camera lens wasn't fooling him!
Normally, I try to shoot in natural lighting, and that leaves we with very little control. I think that what makes this image successful is the way the light diffused through the bush. It highlights the deer's rack and face naturally, drawing the eye deeper into the most important parts of the photo.
I used my Canon Rebel camera body with my Tamron SP 150-600 mm lens propped on the car door after I rolled down the window.
This photo was a happy accident. I spotted the deer, noticed his rack, and hoped for a good shot. When I saw his skeptical expression, I laughed out loud. The deer really added character to the image himself...I was just fortunate to capture this moment!
I did some minor cropping and color enhancing. I like photos that look natural. I think that something gets lost in hyper-processed images...whatever photos I take, I want the viewers to be inspired by the subject matter, not my computer's enhancement of the image. Nature provides its own unenhanced beauty...I want to capture it as authentically as possible.
In my camera bag
I carry two cameras and two lenses when I go out to shoot photos: a Canon Rebel t6i, a Canon Rebel t5, a Tamron SP150-600 mm lens, and a Tamron 70-300 mm lens. I find that with these two lenses, I have enough versatility to capture macro, distance, landscape, wildlife, and everything in between.
Be adaptable and always observant of your surroundings! You never know when you might drive up on your next winning photo!

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