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nathaliemedeiros May 25, 2017
Great shot! Beautiful bird and colors.Congrats on winning finalist on The Green Color Photo Contest.Regards.Nat :O)
SteBil30 December 14, 2018
congrats on the wins!

Emerald Starling





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Behind The Lens

I took this photograph at a free-flight aviary in the San Antonio Zoo.
It was mid-afternoon. I had spent a gorgeous day touring the zoo before I found the free-flight aviary. I loved it immediately! The birds were fearless. They would fly or land close to the benches where I was sitting. Whenever I go to the zoo, I always stop by the aviary, and I am never disappointed!
I love to use natural lighting when possible. The sun was brightly shining this day, making the iridescence of this bird's feathers gleam.
I used my Canon Rebel t6i with a Sigma 70-300mm zoom lens attached.
I was actually shooting a bird further away from me. When I looked away from my viewfinder, I noticed this starling sitting on a branch right by my bench. I snapped his picture, and he cocked his head to the side. It made me think of a model posing for the camera, almost like the bird saying, "Take my good side!"
I did some minor color enhancement and cropping.
In my camera bag
At the time this image was taken, all I had was my Canon Rebel t6i and Sigma 70-300mm lens. Since then, I have added a Canon 28-135mm lens with a polaroid wide angle attached (for landscape shots,) and a Tamron SP150-600mm lens.
I would have missed this shot if I hadn't looked away from my my advice is that you should always take time to observe your surroundings with your natural eyes. You never know what's around you if you don't look!

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