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7 Comments | Report
newjersey1988 October 06, 2023
eaglerider007 October 07, 2023
Beauty on a horse…. Nicely done
photography2024 December 04, 2023
Beautiful picture💕
Jay-G December 08, 2023
Love this shot!!!
Byronfairphotography PRO+
Byronfairphotography December 09, 2023
Great Portrait
TimSquired December 20, 2023
Awesome shot!
P0ST Ultimate
P0ST Jan 18
hello, why has the horses face etc been painted? From an animals perspective this must be confusing!?
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Behind The Lens

I took this photo off of a nature trail close to Tamps, FL. I'm self taught in both editing and photography, so I played around with edits on this photo for a bit before I settled on one I loved.
We did this photo session right before golden hour when the light wasn't too harsh.
This image was taken with natural light under the cover of trees, so we did have to work with some shadows throughout the trail. But every once in a while we would find a completely covered area with the perfect lighting.
This image was captured on my DSLR Canon rebel t7 believe it or not. I used my 35mm 1.8 lens from Canon as well
This was taken from a styled shoot I attended, my first one actually, and I really wanted to capture the beauty between animal and human.
I edit on Lightroom and I mainly just turned down the greens in color. I really wanted the subjects to pop so I also sharpened them up a bit and lifted their shadows.
In my camera bag
I've got a camera backpack which I highly, highly suggest. In there I always have my Canon rebel t7 camera body, my speedlight, my three prime lenses (85mm, 35mm, and of course the nifty 50mm) and one I use for my wide shots (24mm), I've also got my spare SD cards, battery and charger, and my business cards.
Instead of waiting on the perfect moment to shoot, shoot when your heart tells you. A lot of my best images have come from shots I took when I felt the subject was most comfortable instead of waiting for them to make the perfect pose, including this image.

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