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Sisters posing

Sisters posing
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MartinL22 January 14, 2017
I really like the lighting in this shot. It gives it almost like a nostalgic, summer feel. What settings (ISO/aperture/shutter speed did you use for it?
DirkC February 22, 2017
Hi Martin, thank you. I should look that up for the exact figures but what I went for was maximum opening whilst holding of enought of the excessive light of the sun and lens flare. Maximum opening is often the aim in portrait photography to separate you subject from it's background... As I usually make portraits, that's what I often go for.
toml721 May 05, 2017
Mother and daughter ?? or sisters ?? Great shot!
DirkC October 09, 2018
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DirkC October 09, 2018
Sisters :-)

Behind The Lens

This picture was taken at the Gent city harbour. Nowadays it is mainly used by people living on their boats there.. The location was chosen for the space it created behind the subject when I shoot in the direction of the sun, what I almost always do.
The time must have been around 16h30 or 17h I guess... The amateur model of the day (=the girl on the right) kept me waiting for a long while before she showed up :-) When she finally came, she came with her sister (=the girl on the left) and a friend. She 's the one holding the reflector.
As I mentioned it was shot towards the sun and a relector was used as a fill licht. With the large amount of lens flare as an intended result. Nothing but natural light thus, and that 's the way I prefer it. It already was the later part of the afternoon so the sun was quiete low and becoming warm of color.
It was shot with a Canon 7D, handheld and a reflector held by another girl friend that came along for the shoot. I think the lens I used was a Sigma 70 - 200 / 2.8.
The shot was inspired by an fashion advertisment picture I once saw. The girl posing wanted to show of her new Tommy Hilfiger bra.
There wasn't much post processing done in this one. Due to the lensflare there was'nt much skin detail and thus almost no visible blemishes. I had to increase local contrast a bit on the faces / upper part of the picture, also because of the lens flare.
In my camera bag
I always bring my two lenses to any shoot. They are both Sigma zoom lenses. One is 24-70/2.8 and the other one is 70-200/2.8. A round reflector of about a meter wide and that's it. Somethimes I also bring one (mostly), two or tthree flashes and a couple of tripods for them. Last but certainly not least: I always bring and use my light meter because I alway measure the incident light.
It's allway a good idea to watch the work of well known and successful photographers in the field of the shoots you are planning. They are an inspiration but also a standard to which one can aspire. In addition to that I always tell my models to do the same so that they are on the same wave length about the intended result. Before the shoot and in between scene's/shots I talk to them about the pictures, what I want as a result and how to pose. I also listen to what they might input, the pictures aren't only for me after all :-)

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