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Beautiful gorgeous young lady

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The Wait

Girl posing

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Behind The Lens

The photo was taken near my hometown Ghent. We were strolling along a recreational area, scouting for different places and angles to shoot. There is this large country-house, or small castle as you wish, with a pond. Unfortunately the pond was to dry so we just took some pictures on the ledge instead.
It was summer and half way in the afternoon. It was warm but with gusts of wind... We were already shooting for a while now so we felt like taking a break. Frequently there were tourists walking by cheering for the pretty model. :-)
It was a rather windy day, with alternating sunny spells en clouds. I did bring a reflector but as it was rather windy from time to time I decided to work as much as possible without it. Also, my 'assistant' for the day was as usual the mother of the model and it isn't easy for them to 'find' and direct the light certainly when the weather is as windy as it were. This shot was taken just using the available light. A bunch of trees on our right gave the light some direction.
I took the shot with my old companion, a Canon 7D equipped with a Sigma 24-70mm. Shot from the hand, simple and fast :-)
As usual I let the model play a big part in my 'artistic' approach. I know her as a energetic, a bit crazy (in a very good way) and unconventional girl. So although I left the house with a certain mind frame on the look and feel of this series, I adapted a bit for my wonderful model for that day!
I always do post processing as much as I can without making the picture looking processed. For the cosmetic part of the processing I did stick to my usual plan. But for the artistic part I found it was time to give something a bit special a try.
In my camera bag
My one and only Canon 7D, two Sigma lenses, one 24-70 and the other 70-200. A light meter, two or three flashes (just in case), and two reflection screens and a large bottle of water. Shooting makes me thirsty :-)
If the weather isn't ideal or what was expected, still try to see it as an opportunity instead of a setback. Good communication to get the idea across is also essential when you're working with models. And make the shoot a good time for everyone.

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