One quiet sunday

Model sitting on the floor.

Model sitting on the floor.
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Behind The Lens

I took this photo near my hometown, in a small and friendly bed & breakfast.
It was taken during the second half of the afternoon if I'm not mistaken. But we we're just getting started actually.
The model is lit by natural light only. There was a window behind the model, this is also where the sunlight came from. the main light was a large window on my right all the way down to the floor. We also were closest to that one. Then there was a smaller window in my back, thus opposite from the sun and not that close to us. Still, I think it was also of influence for this photo.
As always I work with my camera in hand... It's the way to go when you're shooting boudoir if you ask me. I want the model to experience the environment as little as possible as an working environment. Working like this achieves that easiest I think. It was my Sigma 2.8, 24-70mm if I'm not mistaking, fully open. As usual incident light was metered.
Women inspire me in the way I see and do photography. They actually are my target audience. I depict a sensual fairytale in witch they can find part of themselves.
I do some skin corrections, mainly some degree of making skin tones match all over the exposed area. My main goal is not to make the smoothest picture, but just to make it easy on the eye while keeping a natural feel. I find it very important to keep my models looking like humans, not to make them like dolls. I retouch as little as possible. Another part of the PP is working on the ambiance, the "dodging and burning" of the light in the picture if you want.
In my camera bag
I sometimes bring a couple of speedlites, a pair of tripods. Next to my 24-70mm there is my 70 -200mm and my light meter. Adhesive tape, all kinds of battery's, a bunch of clothespins and a pair of scissors.
Switch off you're male brain and "think and speak woman" during the shoot. Explain what you want the pictures to look and, more importantly, feel like in their terms. So they can easily act the role. Be sincere in your way of communicating and the way you connect with the models. I always work with amateur models and often beginners so this part is very important. Also make it a fun experience for them an make sure they now how much you value their part. When I approach the set and I have to light it or work with the available light, my focus always is the atmosphere of the picture as my starting point. That's the way to go ;-)

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