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qayumbaig November 25, 2015
Love this shot...monkey looks so engaged with your lens
RobbieRoss November 25, 2015
Thanks! and yes he really scared me by his looks...
chuckrickman November 28, 2015
I can see the suspicion in his face. Fabulous catch!
RobbieRoss November 28, 2015
Thank you Chuck....
crystalproctor December 03, 2015
I admire your bravery nice shot!
RobbieRoss December 03, 2015
Thanks Crystal....
hansenklaar December 04, 2015
Not happy Rossro. Now that I have looked up Hydrabad I expect to see some pictures of the Qutb Shabi Tombs or should I come over and take them myself?
RobbieRoss January 02, 2016
Your most welcome .... :)
Harpreetmeenu December 31, 2015
I think he is angry. great expression!
RobbieRoss January 02, 2016
Yes he seems to be and scared me too... Lol :)
off-trail January 05, 2016
That look says it all...don't mess!...well done and nice capture.
RobbieRoss January 05, 2016
Thank you...
ellenellen February 27, 2016
Great facial expression.
RobbieRoss February 28, 2016
Yep! he almost scared me by his look... lol
mihrt March 01, 2016
very serious fellow!!! and yes I can see where he may have been angry. I had a girlfriend while in my teens and she had a Spider Monkey. She had it out of the cage one day and it jumped on my head and started pulling my hair out!! I was terrified.
RobbieRoss March 02, 2016
Ha ha ha.....
Love this shot such human expression
RobbieRoss May 02, 2016
Thanks Mike.
JyoScapes May 06, 2016
Ha ha ha... this one looks angry with you. He has that... "I don't trust you" looks on him/her.
RobbieRoss May 07, 2016
Your absolutely right ... Ha ha ha
stephenclarke_0429 May 12, 2016
Well I came here to make the comment, that the monkey looked very angry! But I can see it's all been said, nice to know there are lots of like minded people out there though!
RobbieRoss May 13, 2016
Yes he looks Angry indeed, ..... Ha ha Ha
ChrisHPhotos May 14, 2016
Great expression.
RobbieRoss May 14, 2016
:) :)
CURUTCHET July 25, 2016
when i am angry next time i will go and look into the mirror maybe my face will be worst
RobbieRoss July 25, 2016
Ha ha ha ha .... :) :)
HelenRea August 18, 2016
Hmm " get offa my turf" ...wonderful capture Robbie. Such talent. :)))
RobbieRoss August 19, 2016
Thank you very much Helen :)
tttony August 19, 2016
This one too - "Evocative Wildlife" contest!
martinrodgers September 29, 2016
They say 'If looks could kill' honestly he/she looks really annoyed that you took a picture him/her.... :) ;) Very sharp shot and the close up of it is excellent...
RobbieRoss September 29, 2016
Thank you very much Martin :)
MarkMcLaughlinPhotography December 16, 2016
an angry monkey
RobbieRoss December 17, 2016
Yes he is... :)
jackiegoodwin January 24, 2017
Love this shot
RobbieRoss January 25, 2017
:) :)
ppuru May 18, 2017
Looks like he is insisting you get a photo-release form signed by him :) Very well captured.
RobbieRoss May 18, 2017
Ha haha...... Yes looks like it :) Thanks.
vincentstepheniehutchins June 02, 2018
I like your picture
RobbieRoss June 03, 2018
:) :)
Essex June 08, 2018
Another winner! The other face in the background adds much to this magnificent photo.
RobbieRoss June 08, 2018
Thank you :)

The Suspicious Look

Monkeys are funny and very intelligent animals. Monkeys when you see them as usually happy, worried, cute and funny. but this one was furious enough to know...
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Monkeys are funny and very intelligent animals. Monkeys when you see them as usually happy, worried, cute and funny. but this one was furious enough to know what I was upto his curiosity grew suspicious that I began to get bit frightened to get more close to him, but no went ahead and got his picture just in time....
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