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Walks November 28, 2015
Wow, your next project was well worth the wait - congratulations and keep on going...very inspiring photographs.
RobbieRoss November 28, 2015
Thanks a lot Walks and for your encouragement too....
VikasSardesai December 01, 2015
Nice photo :)
RobbieRoss December 02, 2015
Thank you Vikas.....
jeffjacobson December 13, 2015
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jeffjacobson December 13, 2015
Perfect shot, excellence in all your photography. Highest award I could give! And, thank you for visiting my site, you are very kind. Cheers! Jeff
RobbieRoss December 13, 2015
Your most welcome Jeff and its my pleasure ... Cheers too
Natgirl73 December 13, 2015
Beautiful picture
RobbieRoss December 14, 2015
Thank you !
Jfitz December 14, 2015
O wow! You're really good! Masterpiece on all!
RobbieRoss December 15, 2015
Thank you very much...
lyoung403b January 10, 2016
RobbieRoss January 10, 2016
Thank you ..
missymoo123 January 10, 2016
wonderful picture love it
RobbieRoss January 10, 2016
Thank you...
estercastillo08 January 11, 2016
Beautiful capture!
RobbieRoss January 11, 2016
Thank you..
lvalencia February 13, 2016
Stunning capture.
RobbieRoss February 14, 2016
Thank you so much..... :)
ellenellen March 03, 2016
wow. Great shot.
RobbieRoss March 04, 2016
Thank you Ellen.
MaryMarie March 16, 2016
All of your photos are exceptionally GREAT~ Can't wait to see more~ :) Hope one day to be as good as you and many others I've seen as well~
RobbieRoss March 26, 2016
Thank you and Sure you will be one day God Bless.
karensommerslohre March 26, 2016
wow~so awesome!
RobbieRoss March 26, 2016
Thank you Karen.
gerardhildebrandt April 03, 2016
Most excellent photo you have capature
texaaronpueschel April 11, 2016
What a wonderful soft touch with the colors. I enjoy the birds of prey so much.
RobbieRoss April 11, 2016
Thank you.
greglinck May 31, 2016
Fantastic photo
RobbieRoss June 01, 2016
Thanks Greg :)
SharonCWilliams June 02, 2016
Simply love. As a person who rescues birds I do gravitate to these kind of photos. Amazing.
RobbieRoss June 02, 2016
Wow so nice to know you rescue birds .... Good and many thanks.
Maggiestar June 28, 2016
What a great photo. I love how you caught his stare. It's conveying majesty, pride, and could it be?...much arrogance directed to the people below.
RobbieRoss July 03, 2016
Thank you very much Maggie appreciate it much :)
PS__PHOTOGRAPHY July 02, 2016
RobbieRoss July 03, 2016
Thank you :)
TimboConnard July 15, 2016
SUPERB CAPTURE, Robbie & Thanks for the Follow!!! Like Yourself, I am just BEGINNING to concentrate on Publishing VERY FEW of the 40K Images (MAYBE One of Twenty ) I've captured the past Four (4) Years (10K/Year) since Retiring from Finance (C.E.O. Federal Credit Union) due to Early-Onset Parkinsonism. Almost EVERY image is from Tri-pod!!! I CHOSE Your Bonelli Eagle for an AWARD due to its PERFECT FOCUS (the DETAIL in its EYE) and the BEAUTIFUL Green Bokeh w/Black Surround!!! I ASSUMED you were PROBABLY on Tri-pod ALSO, since You were ZOOMED to 250mm & WONDERED how long You WAITED for the Eagle to Return to THAT Perch (Hunting or Guard)??? My interest STEMS from the FACT that MY Best American Bald Eagle Nesting Pair in My Portfolio was captured 20130311, my FIRST "Keeper" from My Sony 24MP SLT-A77V taken @ Four-hundred PLUS (400+) Yards (Measured w/Nikon Range-Master) with a Sony 2x Adapter between Camera Body & Sony 70-400mm SAM "G" Lens (Requiring MANUAL Focus w/Focus Magnifier), weighing in @ NEALRLY Seven (7) Pounds atop a STEEL Bogen-Manfretto Tri-pod & Fluid Video Head (Ten Pounds MORE) to HELP prevent Wind & Water SHAKE, as the Nest was One-hundred Plus (100+) Feet atop an American Sycamore tree on the Northern tip of Brooks Island in the MIDDLE of New River Gorge National River near Hinton, West Virginia where the New, Bluestone, & Greenbrier Rivers CONVERGE to form the New River Gorge, ALMOST A MILE WIDE & FIFTY-FIVE (55) MILES LONG (Nicknamed the Grand Canyon of the Eastern U.S.) Since I was a "Fledgling" to the Sony until the Parents "Fledged" their Eaglets in June, 2013, I have VERY FEW "Still" (6000x4000) Additions considering the Conditions!!! But I LOVE to Video ALSO, and have MANY Hours of 24FX HD @ 30 Frames/Second to "Steal" (Shhhh!!!) 19201080 "Freeze-frames", that PROCESSED Meticulously, can RIVAL those captured by LESS Experienced & Equipped Individuals. Looking FORWARD to Your EXPANDED Collection, TimboC, Mountaineer Photographic Memories, Matthew 19:26
Seph721 July 30, 2016
I love this photo.
RobbieRoss July 31, 2016
:) :)
billyrunningbear August 14, 2016
WOW, nice shot.
RobbieRoss August 14, 2016
Thank you Billie :)
JeanMcKinnon September 05, 2016
RobbieRoss September 05, 2016
Thanks Jean :)
hafgodol September 14, 2016
grrr, bit fierce!
RobbieRoss October 25, 2016
:) :)
tracyduplooy October 25, 2016
Beautiful!! I love all the information you give with your photos.
RobbieRoss October 25, 2016
Thank you very much :) :)
John9981 November 02, 2016
Absolutely fabulous, excellent colour DOF and composition
RobbieRoss November 02, 2016
Thanks John :)
Footinthesand March 28, 2017
Amazing photography Robbie! And thank you for visiting my site
RobbieRoss March 28, 2017
Thank you... and its my pleasure :) :)
dawnchambers April 18, 2017
Join the conversation. Add a comment or even better, a critique. Let's get better together!
dawnchambers April 18, 2017
Love your photographs. All are simply superb.
RobbieRoss April 18, 2017
Thank you :)
Cyd1940 May 04, 2017
very good capture
RobbieRoss May 04, 2017
Thank you :)
andygreshamsimpson June 14, 2017
Beautiful wonderful work my friend love all your pictures
RobbieRoss June 14, 2017
Thanks Andy :)
LeisaLJL September 14, 2017
I love photos of birds. This eagle is so different from the Bald eagles we see here. It looks like a Cooper's Hawk or a Broad-winged Hawk. The Cooper's Hawk has yellow eyes and yellow at the top of it's beak where your eagle has green eyes and green at the top of it's beak. Interesting.
RobbieRoss September 14, 2017
Thats good to know, thanks for the info....

The Bonelli’s Eagle....

Bonelli’s eagles are found in Southern Europe, Africa, India, and Indonesia. They are usually resident breeders in most places. In the Indian Subcontinent the...
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Bonelli’s eagles are found in Southern Europe, Africa, India, and Indonesia. They are usually resident breeders in most places. In the Indian Subcontinent they are almost absent in the Northeast and in Srilanka. They prefer sparsely wooded mountainous country, as well as sand hills with short trees and open areas where there is more visibility to spot prey. They also adapt well to desert kind of habitats and grassland regions.
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