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At the end of the day in the harbour...

At the end of the day in the harbour...
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ZeLuiz KathyHolliker winnerslens31 HannahG7 NatureCoast JoseDomingues jonasweiss +35
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myriver Confalonieri Just-Agnes CharlesPSchaefer AnneDphotography kazimierzfrackowski GoddessDigitalArt +5
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forevertrusting July 16, 2015
Join the conversation. Add a comment or even better, a critique. Let's get better together!
forevertrusting July 16, 2015
Love the composition here. the folded sail pattern captured my eye.
NickBPhotoUK August 23, 2015
Great study.
JLPWeatherly-Cadzow PRO+
JLPWeatherly-Cadzow September 05, 2015
Absolutely love this!! Wonderful detail -- you have some really wonderful photos!!
minutes2memory September 07, 2015
Such great detail, makes me feel like I'm there!
CWphotos5 April 05, 2016
Excellent depth of field, focus and detail! Love the great lines in this!
gregedwards Platinum
gregedwards March 29, 2017
I love it!
Gayde May 19, 2017
Nice :)
CharlesPSchaefer March 28, 2018
Congratulations on the win " Anything on a ship " , I chose this as the winner because of the angle and perspective that you shot this at.. Also the depth of field is spot on. The areas in the entire photo are clear and crisp. You captured the sails at the right moment .Great Photograph. Congrats Again, Charles S.
tmtburke PRO+
tmtburke March 30, 2018
I love the sharpness & clarity, another excellent win. Well done.
Joviaal PRO
Joviaal December 06, 2018
Very artistic.
NatureCoast Ultimate
NatureCoast October 11, 2020
Congratulations on your award!
JayneBug Platinum
JayneBug October 11, 2020
Congratulations on your award!
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Behind The Lens


I took this photo in the harbour of my hometown; Enkhuizen, Holland.


It was at the end of a cold but sunny day in spring.


The pale spring sun was setting and caused a faint orange light on the worn sail and ropes. A typical palet of bleached colors on old ships.


I have a Lumix DMC-TZ60, all my photos are taken with this little miracle of a camera...The best thing about this camera is that it has a good Leica lens and it is very easy to carry with you because it practically fits in your back pocket. I didn't use any extra equipment, I took the photo spontaniously free out of hand.


In the old harbour of my hometown Enkhuizen you can find many old sailing ships with wonderful old bleached sails and ropes. I wanted to capture these colors and textures in the faint setting sun of spring. I used the soft light and the lack of hard shadows to emphasise the sense of calmness after a day of tough sailing...


This photo is all natural, no post-processing was done. I only cropped the photo to get a nice composition.

In my camera bag

I don't have any equipment in my bag (yet) I am a beginning photographer and I am learning to use a camera, to look for the good light, composition and point of view. One day when I know how to use and set the camera well enough, I will start to think about a bag filled with technical things instead of the need to understand how it works first...


When I walk in a harbour or anywhere else, I allways look around me very carefully to see the building blocks of which the world around me is build up. I try to look for the details, without forgetting the whole picture. If you look at a subject to photograph, you have to try to realise what you want to achieve, Try to find the good light, the right point of view and the best composition... In this case I wanted to show this old bleached sail within a simple composition. When I took this photo I carefully chose a composition without distracting items to focus all attention on the composition of the folded sail. Once I get home and open my laptop, the magic of today's world begins... I allways crop it later into the size and composition I like best. Crop the photo in different ways, so you can choose the best one the next day when you can have a fresh look at them!

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